Don't ask for 2.25 Creator, Please

I wish I never offered 2.25 Creator with the Alpha Python API, I get emailed everyday from people looking for the link that was censored. I am not going to reply to those emails so don’t send them to me (please). I have removed the files from my old Blender working directory. My post got a few people hot and bothered at the moderators of this forum (sorry guys).

That’s too bad that you’re getting deluged. Unless you have access to email filtering at the server level, that’s going to suck for a little while.

Just so you know, though, that in the benevolent spirit in which you originally shared the info… those folks (ahem) who could apply a little bit of lateral thinking now have the 2.25 alpha API to fiddle around with.

Everyone else stop bothering the guy.

It wasn’t reall your posts that were bothering, but reactions it created. I’m sorry you’re getting your mail box jammed, sincerely.


the ice man!!!
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that’s your new new theme song.


its really too bad you threw the file off your server. i didnt have the time to download it, and it would really be an interesting thing to play around with… :-?
if you decide you are going to share the link with me :D, please send it to [email protected]


i mirrored it at my FTP, go find it… nopt gona put the url in this post to avoid censoring, after the annouincent today i decided fuck it… i won’t warez publisher… but this isn’t publisher…


Just to clear up some things about that version:

It was released to a limited numbers of people in the BlenderLeague, for the purpose of alpha testing the Publisher API. It is NOT the complete API, and (as far as I can remember) it still is missing a good part of it. Also, even though it maybe numbered as version 2.25, it does not contain any of the 2.25 tools (local axis rotation, booleans, NLA, …). I don’t recommend this version for develloping scripts, since it is ONLY fully compatible with itself (sharing scripts, even with Publisher owners could be a problem).


Don’t mind me if I sound stupid (i’m new to these forums and the blender community)

But I only have 2.23 what ever happened to 2.24?

it does not contain any of the 2.25 tools (local axis rotation, booleans, NLA, …).

that’s wrong, it does include NLA, subsurf control for both render and view and that cute little monkey.

I still can’t recomend it, it’s buggy as hell.

Yeah, you’re right. I was telling those out of memory, so it was bound to have some mistakes in the list.

Thanks for correcting me.