Don't buy ClothFX. Not enough support.

Sorry to do this, but I’ve been trying my ass off to get something to work. Clockmender has been great for helping out, but if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have learned as much as I have. There’s a few tuts explaining the settings in ClothFX, but here’s the kicker. They say, “ok, I’ll be back with some cool animations to show you what it can do.” Well effing thanks, didn’t show how you did the animations. Anyway not enough people are using it to help others, so I would like to get my money back or sell the addon to someone else if they want it.

Licensed under GPL, you’re free to do whatever with it.

Might just happen & Albertofx will show up now… together problems will be solved.
That’s why we need to strive and be open.
If all is fine, there’s nothing to hide :wink:

“Here! Take a look. Straight into the crystal ball.
“Either way, many don’t see past the fence. Now imagine how hard it is for those to look into the future.”
“Yeah, that’ll be 45 bucks…”

Yeah, it’s too bad, because I got it to do some sweet stuff for my book cover I’m working on, but it’s no good if you can’t animate it. I’m going to back to cell fracture and do my best to make it look good with that. At least I know cell fracture will render.