Don't buy Dell

I have been fighting with dell for 3+ years,
they have replaced the same defective hardware, with the same defective hardware, 3 times,
and now it has failed again out of warranty.

I have tried one last email, and if they don’t fix my laptop, I will never buy dell again, and actively discourage all from purchasing from them.

the machine works great, until parts fail from a stock overheating issue, even with a secondary laptop fan, and a well cleaned dust trap (I mean heat sink… DEEP INSIDE THE COMP)

They have known about the issue since about day 2 of selling the dell 1558


and to make things worse, before I had diagnosed a failed Vram,

I had to eat this egg-

At every step, windows update, dell driver update, Ati driver update, BSOD’s and hours of frustration.

I wonder if I ended up lucky when I bought an XPS machine 6 years ago, I almost never had a problem with it and it’s still running smooth as ever with Windows 8 (it’s been my father’s work machine ever since I got a new Lenovo rig with an Ivy Bridge chip).

Then again, I never tried to overclock it or do any interior upgrades (new GPU ect…), so at the least I can say that I was one who had a good experience with Dell.

I can’t replace or upgrade my GFX.

:expressionless: they are soldered on, and controlled by a intel dual gfx something or other,

So it’s 350+ usd to get a nvida motherboard… with another integrated GFX, or all my parts are useless.


Only problems I’ve had with Dell were two missed delivery dates back when we purchased a Win95 machine(late 90s) and my father said “if it ain’t here by tonight, I’m cancelling my order and taking my money elsewhere”, in which a delivery man appeared just after tea time looking very exhausted and apologetic. He was very helpful and offered to set the machine up for us, so we didn’t make him feel too bad about it! It was nice to finally get my mitts on that super sexy Pentium II with gobsmacking MMX technology!

The other problem is that I have gone through three AC power packs for my laptop, and the battery is now dead on another laptop. The first time I had the power packed replaced, Dell sent a replacement next day, free of charge and was most helpful. After that, due to warranty running out, I have had to replace the packs myself. The first was about £40, the one after that I bought for £18.

To be honest, from experience, I’ve been happy with my Dells. They were great machines that I grew very fond of, and wished I had never got rid of. My Inspiron 1720 is still doing me well(love it to bits), but the time has come to look to a new desktop now, especially as there is a few dead pixels in the display and the power-pack issue and lack of upgrade options has put me off laptops.

Bit undecided at the moment but its either going to be a HP “Pavilion 500-141ea” or a DIY build. Dell, as much as I’m comfortable with the brand(used them since 1997), are sadly too expensive at the moment. There comes a time when brand loyalty can only go so far…

As for the 1558 laptop; I would have demanded a different model the second time it went faulty, and still in warranty. First time, fine, these things happen, but not a second time - especially if its for professional use.

Don’t get angry with the person taking the call, but do make it clear that they are not helping you and insist on speaking to the manager. The person taking the call is usually not in a position to do much to keep the customer by authorising refunds or “good wills” on the spot, but the manager is and their time is precious and are most likely willing to take the hit on giving you a slightly better model without charge.

Not much help now as you are out-of-warranty, but worth keeping in mind for the future.

Isn’t the inability to upgrade parts endemic to a laptop though, I mean you don’t have a spacious interior for parts like a tower gives you so the packed-in nature doesn’t make it easy to upgrade anything, it’s also the same for so-called mini-towers which also pack a tighter form factor at the expense of upgrade possibilities.

In fact, when reading the CNet link, apparently the majority of problems is with Dell Laptops having cooling issues, and heat control is generally a tougher thing to do in laptops because you have a lot of space for fans or for air to circulate.

Don’t get me wrong, some laptops are pretty powerful these days, but there are simply some things that you sacrifice when you decide to go that route instead of getting a tower.

My first and last laptop was a Dell
with Win95 installed and supposedly upgradeable to 2000. After the
upgrade it blue screened repeatedly till I gave up. It was out of
warranty by that time. So I reinstalled 95, swore off of any machine
I did not build myself and gave it to my wife. She remained a Dell
fan until her most recent became squirrelly after 2 years. She said
each died sooner than the one it replaced, and is going to give a
Sony VAIO a try. I’ve compromised with my self and got a tablet,
it’s as close to a (%&% laptop as I’m going to get.

I build my own machines but have a Dell laptop for work that is in the rain, snow, wind, dust, extreme heat, etc and it has been dropped, dinged, and bumped for years and still to this day boots and runs flawless. There are lemons out there but between my Dell laptop and the HP i had the dell wins hands down. Not promoting them but pointing out that not all products from the company are trash. :slight_smile:

Got to say, I’ve got an Inspiron 17R with the GeForce 525M GPU as well as Intel HD3000 and it’s been a little workhorse, I’m more than happy with it. However, I’ve ot had to deal with customer support so can’t speak for that side of things. The machine itself though I love, even if the screen is rather reflective. :slight_smile:

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9:29:55 AM Jacob Merrill Initial Question/Comment: .
9:30:17 AM System You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat
9:30:17 AM System Connected with Grace W
9:30:17 AM Grace W
Welcome to Dell Electronics and Accessories Chat! My name is Grace and I will be
your Sales Chat Expert. I can be reached at
[email protected] or via phone at 1-800-289-3355 Voicemail ext. 216-
0085. How can I help you today?
9:30:37 AM Jacob Merrill Hello, I have a dell 1558 that the graphics card failed in,
9:30:45 AM Jacob Merrill I need to replace the motherboard
9:30:57 AM Jacob Merrill Do you have a list of options and prices?
9:31:10 AM Jacob Merrill It is a i7 proccessor
9:31:22 AM Grace W
I’ll be happy to assist you on that, Jacob! May I have your laptop’s service tag
number so I can check for it?
9:31:43 AM Jacob Merrill *******
9:32:07 AM Grace W Thank you! Please give me a few minutes to check on one for you.
9:34:53 AM Grace W
And while I’m checking on this, Jacob, I also wanted to let you know that our
motherboards here are refurbished only.
9:34:58 AM Grace W
Dell spare parts are upgrade and replacement parts specifically for your Dell
computer. All parts shipping from our spare parts warehouse will have a refurbished
sticker on the package.
We order some parts from our suppliers, meaning a portion of the parts are brand
new. Other parts are configured in systems that either never shipped or were
returned. Dell approved testing is required for all returned parts to ensure that
they are working properly and will carry a 90-day warranty or fall under your
system’s existing warranty, whichever is longer.
9:35:45 AM Jacob Merrill Ok, I am interested in getting the Nvidia option, rather then the AMD option,
9:36:21 AM Jacob Merrill
my parts failed multiple times, and were replaced, and failed again, so I am looking
for other options then stock
9:36:40 AM Jacob Merrill and now I am out of warrenty
9:37:09 AM Grace W I see, sorry to hear that, Jacob! I’ll see what we’ve got in stock.
9:37:29 AM Grace W
Though if the motherboard’s failed, I recommend getting a new laptop entirely, as
it’ll be a lot cheaper in the long run.
9:38:35 AM Jacob Merrill I have a i7 cpu, a LED screen, a good HD
9:38:48 AM Jacob Merrill all were expensive and are currently applicable
9:38:55 AM Jacob Merrill so…
9:39:00 AM Jacob Merrill I don’t want to throw it all away
9:39:24 AM Jacob Merrill I just want a GPU that will warn me if it’s overheating
9:39:49 AM Grace W I understand! I’m still checking over here, so I’ll let you know what we’ve got.
9:43:14 AM Grace W
Sorry to keep you waiting on here, Jacob! Is there anything else I can do for you in
the meantime?
9:44:34 AM Jacob Merrill
at one point I mailed the resolution center, can you check on that? (about
potentially getting help replacing the parts)
9:45:39 AM Grace W Ah yes, Incident number 1416796.
9:46:04 AM Grace W You weren’t able to receive a reply for it?
9:47:28 AM Grace W
Also, I’ve checked our database, and we’re all out of motherboards for this system,
I do apologize.
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9:47:28 AM Jacob Merrill not yet,
9:47:49 AM Jacob Merrill So basically I have a 900+ dollar paper weight
9:48:05 AM Jacob Merrill less then 3 years old
9:48:14 AM Jacob Merrill I can still play my super nintendo
9:48:18 AM Jacob Merrill :expressionless:
9:49:15 AM Grace W
I understand your frustration here. I wish I could help you further, but the
best I can do is to provide you with some part numbers for the compatible
motherboards, though you may need to double-check on the specs if you’d rather
purchase through a third party vendor, just in case.
9:49:38 AM Jacob Merrill Ok, that is better then nothing
9:49:45 AM Grace W Otherwise, they’re 0RRGF, F7TFM, or XJK10.
9:50:20 AM Grace W
I really am sorry for the inconvenience this caused you, Jacob! Is there anything
else I can help you with at least?
9:50:44 AM Jacob Merrill Just add a comment that I am dissatisfied, and will most likely never buy dell again,
9:51:16 AM Jacob Merrill I am in 3d animation, and will let my peers know what I have expieranced
9:51:26 AM Jacob Merrill and none of this reflects on you personally

Post it now :expressionless:

Isn’t it common for people to have complaints with corporate tech support, as in it being the one thing that companies aren’t so good with?

I’m not saying that all companies have abysmal tech support, it’s just that the attribute of bad tech support isn’t just a Dell thing.

I think it’s all too common these days.
The in-laws still have an Electrohome floor cabinet vacuum tube TV. Mind you they can’t hook anything up to it anymore, but it’s nearly 50 years old and it still works. The implied fact that we’re supposed to be satisfied with getting 3-5 years service out of today’s devices is insulting.

That said, Blueprint, I made it my policy a long time ago not to buy pre-built computers. From any maker. Yes it’s cheaper, but so are the parts and service you get with them. I learned my lesson after getting an Acer Aspire P75. I know we’re talking about a laptop here and that you just don’t build your own, but it’s also why I don’t do anything I consider sensitive or mission critical with a laptop. I do have one, but it was used and I only paid $40 for it. I don’t care if it dies. My tower though…

Well, if your going to go ahead and cool the GPU and CPU with the same heat sink, it should be a large one, that comes on when EITHER the cpu or gpu is hot, not just the cpu… it makes a “chain reaction” that the gpu heats the cpu high enough to turn on the fan,

it’s just silly, and there is no warning, or even access to a GPU temp widget etc…

I had no idea when the laptop was purchased.

I’m just not buying a Dell computer and then going to Cool the GPU and CPU after reading this thread. It’s these things that make the best place to be so when you buy Dell computers and want to cool the GPU and CPU then you know that things will go wrong.

Been running this laptop for over 3 years now. I once did a 48 hr render with no overheating issues.

I have had man Dell’s and really have not had any issues. I still prefer to build my own Desktop’s though.

The 1557 and 1558 model are known to have problems with overheating, which is generally linked to 3D video graphics related gaming or other 3D applications. Downloading the latest ATI catalyst drivers and BIOS updates does help reduce the risk of these problems. The 1557 and the 1558 are affected by hard to maintain components which make it hard to clean out blocked heatsink vents or to clean and replace thermal paste due to the combination fan and heatsink design.

you have to remove EVERYTHING, to get to the heat sink, which is undersized and overworked,