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ok so you clicked then that means you care well if you care i need help with something i need to know how to make the animation of my rigged player move when in play mode to a key pressed
(make my modle move when “w” pressed)
if anyone know of a vid on youtube or something that will help me to make my modle move when i press “w” or any button plzz put a link on thanks

also just to remind people thats its cool to care :):D:p

…I don’t know if your a new guy to blender or something… but tutorials are all over youtube and google. So search a little before you post a message.

youtube: blender movement tutorial: first vid

thanks i have looked all over youtube and stuff can seem to find one with movement to animation (at the same time) thats why i ask on here

Ah oke,
what you do: you make a moving cube and parent (crl + p) an armature to it that makes the person do animations. So look those tutorials up. :wink:

thanks i will try that tonight :slight_smile:

Here’s a good place to start: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro/Platformer:_Creation_and_Controls

Since you character is already rigged you have to setup you logic. A keyboard sensor connected to a an AND controller connected to a Motion and an Action actuator will do the trick.

ive set up the motion but the modle wont move with the animation thats the problem ive tryed to parent the modle to the armature but has something go wrong this might be because im useing 2.49 i dont know but yea its not working for me to get my player to move with animation.

upload a blend

Blendercookie has some nice tutorials. They also have a game engine series, here is a link to the first one.

And a descriptive title is helpful.

here my blend


male rigged.blend (401 KB)

I don’t really have the time to fix it for you but here’s what needs to happen.

  1. The mesh has to be parented to the armature. If you move the armature the mesh should move with it. It seems that your armature is parented to the mesh (backwards)

  2. The dynamics and logic should be done in a “physics box.” Create a box around the player mesh and assign all the logic and physic to that. Also parent the armature to that box.

Physic box controls everything
armature is a child of the physics box, armature controls the mesh
mesh is a child of the physics box.

  1. Make sure there is nothing inside the physics box it can collide with (like your mesh). Go to the editing tab (F9), underneath mesh if there is no texture assigned to the mesh click new next to UV texture. In edit mode select any face on the mesh, click texture face tab and disable the “collision” button, select all the faces and copy to make sure none of the faces can collide.

  2. Link an action actuator. Select your armatures, add an action actuator and set it up. Select the physics box at the same time and link a controller with the actuator.

There should be a tutorial somewhere on this.

ok i will try but i kow nothing about a phisics box lolz