(dont click)....

so you have clicked that means you want to hear about my life story well…
nahh im just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:
i want to know how to draw extra lines onto my project like i want to make nose holes but i cant get them circlur to make them look like proppler so i need someone to help.
i know how to extrute but thats not what i want… i want to make an line on an alredy existing pannlel. but not with “ctrl r” coz it does like a big area its annoying.

so just saying its cool to me cool

Ctl-R assuming you’re not a mac looser :stuck_out_tongue: and you have decent topology.

BTW: change the name, the thread topic is just stupid and makes you look completely immature.

Dude stop doing that. Name your threads about what they are about. Just because I click on your thread doesn’t mean I care, it just means I wanted to see why it said “don’t click”.

i dont know how to change the name soz :frowning:

oh, in that case, just double click on your thread(Where there are no words) and then you can change the name. :slight_smile: