Don't get mad...this is an FPS question ;op

Hi all,
I have been searching for a while now and can’t find anything really that I can use. I’m not making a game just yet, I’m trying to learn how to set up an first person type camera for a simple room that I have modelled so that I can walk around the room.
I know there are FPS templates and walkthroughs but for a relative beginner (moi) they aren’t very easy to understand. It seems they require a bit of backwards engineering in order to understand them…which itself requires a certain level of understanding :o/
I have bought the gamekit and the Essential Blender and they are great but don’t really cover exactly what I need to learn about using the game engine.
Is there a resource that I have missed that will expalin how to set up a first person camera (and other first person game engine stuff)?
Thanks for any help


Check out social’s FPS Template. You probably have to search for it or maybe someone else will post a link.

maybe this would help

but in fact you have to grasp a lot of function of game blender before being able to set up a fps game and movement.

Hi Doublez and Reaper,
I’ve had a look at Social’s template and can’t figure it out to the point where I know what I’m doing, nothing wrong with the template just my ignorance :o)
I can create basic models in Blender, I leanred from tutorials which start off with nothing, build up from scratch and then go on to the finer points. Is there anything similar for the game engine? The Gamekit starts off with the basics of using blender and modelling, but doesn’t cover the basics of the gameengine in the same way. Makes it tricky to pull it all together.
Thanks again


blendenzo’s tuts are very helpful:

You may want to put that page in your favorites.

Any mouselook functionality within the BGE will require some python, so in that respect, learning the basics of the BGE by trying to figure out the ins and outs of a mouselook setup is probably not the best idea (but then again, I don’t know your current skill level).

That said; typing in “mouselook” in the forum search function should return some interesting examples that may prove useful.

Here’s a tutorial on building a simple racetrack which pulls everything together.

Thank you very much!

There’s loads for me to be having a look at there! Fantastic!
Just for reference, my skill level is negligible, but steadily and slowly increasing :o))
Cheers again!

now that you’ve learned at least a little bit, here is my .blend file that i am having trouble with, but you can use it to sorta reverse construct or whatever. its not as complex as socials template, so maybe you can understand it better. if you havent learned about parenting objects yet, then that is basiccally all that it is.

its the fpscrashsite2test.blend

did you take a look at the link I gave to you ?
it’s excatly what you were looking for. what the matter with this tutorial ? I mean it’s seems to me the best way to learn how to make an mouse look.

that is the tut where i learned to make mine. use the link that black reaper posted. it is very helpful.:wink:

I did look at that link Reaper it was really useful. And thanks oreoman for that link, I will have a detailed look at them all.
Many thanks for the assist :o)