Dont get Tsai Cameracalibration to work on windows

Once i got Tsai camera calibration to work but now i cant figure how i done it.
So i have downloaded python 2.5.1 and pytsai-0.1a. I then put the files pytsai.pyd, and Tsai.pyc in the C:\Python25\Lib\site-packages folder and under the Blenderconfigurationspanel the Pythonpath set as above. But i still get the error global name tsai is not defined. :(:spin: Gui of works fine until i try to calibrate.
So i just stuck on Python. I want to get it work now again.

Maybe pytsai is compiled for python 2.4.

If you still have the pytsai archive try to install it using:
python install

This works fine for me.

I want to use it not to build it. If i get it to programm i wouldn’t quested such things. I cant get it this way.
Bin wohl zu blöd dafür. g

What’s the problem with:
python install ?

Do you got any errors?

Send my an private message with your email adresse and I’ll send you my compiled pytsai version for python 2.5.

From the original documentation.

NOTE: This is compiled for python 2.4
To install put



C:<Python24 install dir>\Lib\site-packages

****** ALSO NOTE ****** that this seems to also run fine without a full python install! if you put


into the blender scripts directory.

Dont forget you still need to load
from the original distribution into blender and run.

So, delete the files from your python directory, delete the path you set.
Place the three scripts in your blender scripts directory, see if it works.
Otherwise you may need to use Older Blender (242a i think).that are compiled with Python 2.4
Try also running the script from the .blend provided.
I also note that I have not listed this script in the wiki as tested working although others may have had it working at some point.
@SemMelb, I would welcome the 2.45 version, you could send it to me if you could it would be appreciated. mail address is on my site, link below.

Additionaly confusing is that the file in the zip is named pytsai.pyd instead of Tsai.pyd in the documentation. Typo?

No, it’s not a typo.

Actually the pytsai package contains a pytsai.pyc and a© file.
Pytsai.pyc is the library with contains the warpped c-code and is the frontend
which accesses the library functions. is generic and runs with every python version. The problem is the pytsai lib -basically c-code, which have to be compiled to use it.

ok so far i got it with that compiled library but it wasnt listed there. With programming i am familar but not if it goes deeper to system specific, compiling, memory usage and so. Mostly what me stopped on continuing to learn C or C++ was errors produced due leaving lines of code without semicolons or other little things.

hi, i’ve used that script in the past, and now i’ve lost it :frowning: can you guys please post the files?