Don't have fluid preview anymore

I’m trying to get the fluid preview to work but it’s not. I used to set my domain, and then another object as the fluid (in this case I’m using two cubes) and the domain would instantly disappear and be replaced by the fluid object. Then I could scroll the timeline and watch the fluid simulation preview (the timeline would show those frames that were calculated as well - I could be wrong about this part though). Now I am forced to hit the bake button. Does anyone know why this is? I’ve gone back to versions 2.59 from 2.63 to see if it was the software but there is no change.

Now I am forced to hit the bake button.
For all versions of blender you always have to bake the fluid simulation first before you are able to see it

okay, maybe I’m out of my mind. I could have sworn that I didn’t HAVE to bake to get a preview.

With some of the other sims like cloth and smoke you can get a real time preview. The fluid sim needs to be baked though.

Yes, you have to hit the bake button, but once you have, you can scroll the timeline while the simulation is baking, you don’t need to wait for the baking to finish.

“Gotcha!” :ba: Yep, you have to scrub through the simulation, which you can do back-and-forth while it’s being calculated, to see the preview of what has been calculated so far. You can move at random to any calculated point by scrubbing the frame-slider back and forth.