Don't know how to use a tablet (tutorials don't help)

I want to use a tablet for sculpting and painting but have no idea how to do it and where to start, i tried watching “guides” about it but they feel like the “draw a circle add details” meme, so i’m stuck with just a tablet plugged into my pc and i can’t even find answers to the most basic questions:

  1. does ANY tablet work (samsung, iPad etc.) or do i need specific drawing tablets?

  2. Can i/How do i get my tablet (samsung) to work in conjunction with the PC?

Please take this with a grain of salt because I know very little about this topic. AFAIK there’s no way to use a normal tablet for things like sculpting in blender. You have to buy one that’s built for use with a computer. (I bought the one I use off eBay)

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LOL only after @Rhen answer did I understand the problem. What you mean is a graphics tablet. This imitates painting and drawing like with a real pen. For decades there was only one brand “Wacom” (quasi monopoly) but now there are also good cheap ones. I would definitely use a very small (unless you want also 2d digital painting) and passive (pen is much lighter and less susceptible).


Not every tablet and stylus is the same. If you only buy the cheapist, your going to have a tool that gives cheap results. A cheap tablet will allow you to draw and sculpt, but it’s not as good as a higher priced tablet.

One thing that you need to consider for a tablet, is does it work with my OS. Some tablets work only with Windows. Maybe your using Windows, I don’t know.

You need to take time in a drawing program like photoshop or gimp. And draw lines. You want to draw lines and connect points. You want to draw patterns inside small boxes, and then bigger boxes. This is only for training yourself to become familiar with the tablet. You will have to take time learning to use a tablet.

You want to sculpt, then you also need to learn drawing. I recommend ctrl+paint.


To make it clear if you are referring to a graphic tablet or Tablet computer, you mention here the exact model of your device.
Ok, I think I already understand. Apparently you have read or heard that users recommend a Tablet for sculpting. What should be used is a graphics tablet, which is an input device like the mentioned by @MarioPeper.
Wacom are the most used. Xp-Pen is also another brand with cheaper models than Wacom.
What is your operating system on the PC?


Hi, thanks for your answers, at least now I know that I have to buy a graphics tablet.
to answer some of you my operating system is windows 10, as for what to buy I’ve seen that the prices for tablets with good reviews can vary A LOT so i don’t really know what would qualify as a good choice, not knowing what sets them apart. Is there any model (possibly below 100) that you would recommend?

Actually, most people don’t use touch features, and the price difference from those with other features like tilt angle or eraser is really big. So you could start with a Wacom intuos. You see that your seller is offering you a new updated model, because over time Wacom has released intuos models with some design differences mainly.
It comes in two sizes, small and medium. Personally I don’t like large work areas because it makes me have to move my arm a lot and tires my shoulder. But this depends on the taste and needs of each one.
Intuos also comes wired or with bluetooth.

I am not familiar with the new products but have seen a few youtube videos on newer cheaper models and if I have to have new ones I could make a decision. But I join @YAFU in the sense that I would rather spend 60 € for wacom than 30 € for an experiment (which I think would go well). I myself have a very simple (almost 20 year old) from wacom which works like a charm since the first day. I also had an asus with a battery but that was in times when only wacom had anything to say. Small decision tip also take a look at tests from newer wacoms there are some unhappy with the quality of the replacement tips (I have old ones for mine flown in from the other side of the world LOL).

Check out the huion H610 Pro V2. It has been recommended as entry level graphics tablet from professionals.

I’ve been using drawing tablets for a decade. The short answer is if you can’t draw spending more money won’t improve your skill just because $$, this being applicable through all disciplines.

Cheap tablets work just as well as expensive ones.