Don't know if I posted a post or not.

Hey, I registered yesterday and asked a question regarding scripting, but I don’t even know if that post has been posted for approval bc of no 10 posts yet, or an error occurred. It would be good, if we get a pm message with our post title that it has been posted for approval, as I see no way to see the status of my post.

My question was: How to manipulate the pixels after rendering (F12) to fit into a 8bit color palette used in older games like Fallout. I can probably write the script, but I do not know how to add that script and if it shall be a python or OSL scripts. What I need is a simple example that manipulates via a script, the result image (NOT the material or texture, but the whole image after pressing F12), I could work probably for there.

The closes thing I found was using color compositors but I can’t add custom nodes there, nor run scripts, while for texture manipulation you can add scripts, if you are in Cycles mode, with Shift+A.

(Note: I just realize there are options to subscribe for the thread, which I have not seen before, but I did not touch those unfortunately)

I’m reasonably sure your post was recently approved through the moderation queue. Please doublecheck and confirm. If it isn’t, please either respond in this thread or use the Report Post feature to notify the whole moderation team.