Don't Know What I Want To Do....

I have been struggling for a while now because I don’t know what I want to study in college. People will ask me “What do you want to do when you get out of school?” and I’m always ashamed to reply “I honestly don’t know.” I’m pretty much willing to do anything, but I don’t know what I’d enjoy and would still be a respectable job. What is a good way to figure out what I want to do in my life, and what is the best way to pursue it while I’m still in grade school. I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

You shouldn’t be ashamed of not knowing what to do as a career, because it’s a difficult choice after all. I recommend starting with those job determining tests, and looking at what you enjoy doing.:slight_smile:

Yes, you shouldn’t be ashamed. I’m just out of school and I didn’t have a specific goal either for most of my time in school.

I eventually narrowed it down by eliminating what I didn’t want to do professionally, and also prioritising things I absolutely can’t live without.
Money/“respectable job” wasn’t that high up the list for me, but that may differ for you.
There must be something you can’t live without, or at least never get bored of.

From very childhood I had a craze for video games. Earlier it was just playing games, but gradually game designing became my ambition. I wanted to be associated with it for my life time. Though I knew the basics of game designing, but I found that employers are preferring trained professionals more. But again going to school was like a nightmare for me. Then I opted for an online degree in video game designing. I joined an associate degree, as it was short term and would at least provide me an entry into the game designing industry. The site helped me deciding the course as well as the career path. Now I’m very much satisfied as I feel proud of being part of the designing of video games as well as solving the problems of the clients.

I don’t think anyone really knows what they want to do for the r4est of their lives. You just pick something and hope it works out. If not, you go where life takes you falling into things as you go along. These days it’s not uncommon to have several different careers under your belt before you are in your 40s and 50s.

You could “follow the money” or “do what you’re passionate about” but ultimately it’s up to life and chance as to where it takes you.

Dleri is very right — I went to college knowing only that I was good at math and science. Met some people who said they enjoyed electrical engineering, and now I am theoretically 8 months away from my PhD.

But now I have had many other opportunities, and if/when I get my degree, I could easily see myself leaving EE and trying to get a job for ILM or dreamworks (as a creator if they’d take me, but as an engineer if that will get me in the door) or go work with a friend at a small studio and throw away all my education.

One of the biggest donors to my college was a civil engineer who purchased a winery in California and became very wealthy – he has never worked as a engineer in his life.

The point is, life will take you where it will, be open and you will thrive.

Have you tried love? Not sensualal, just love? It goes a long way…

I was 50 before I figured out what I wanted to do. Now I make corporate training films for a living. I have never been happier (or worked so hard)