Don't know why normal map isn't working in cycles engine while it's perfectly works in eevee?

Here is the link for blend file :

will need to see your node layout at the very least, or a link to download your .blend so we can take a look

Have you activated bump mapping also in the material’s settings? Your mesh is probably not of sufficiently high resolution to reproduce the same effect with displacement only.

i haven’t connected any map into displacement its just normal map node connected with principle bsdf . Here is the shader editor and normal map


Hi @Shubham_Singh,

You are specifiying a UDIM tile set on your input image. If this is what you intend then the map you save out must have the number of the tile in its name.

As you only have one tile . . . .if your Normal map is just named Normal.png then rename it to Normal.1001.png ( from your desktop ) and reload that. If you just need a single image type rather than a udim, switch to Single image on your input node.


Thanks @DamianJ it really helped a lot as i generally create low poly arts from high detailed models for game assets. I dont know how it happened when i switch from 2.9 to 3.1 alpha . But really thanks a lot for your help.

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