Don't like Undo & Redo; help me configure user pref?

I don’t like undo and redo being attached to the letter “z” because z is already being used for other key commands. I keep hitting it on accident it’s annoying. I would rather have Ctrl + ~ for undo and Shift + ~ for redo. Assuming squiggly is not taken which I looked thru a pdf on Blender key commands and didn’t see anything assigned to squiggly (~) but I could have missed it.

Can anyone tell me how to write that up in input user pref? That is to make Ctrl + ~ the undo. And Shift + ~ the redo.

File / User Preferences / Input
Search for Undo and expand each ones found and change the shortcut to what you want (on my keyboard ~ is Shift+`)
Repeat with Redo
Press the ‘Save User Settings’ to enable as your default shortcuts

In default setup the tilde (~) toggles all layers.