Don't Look Down

This is one of a series of videos I am doing to promote some music for Rpgs that I have been working on for the past few months. This one is a dungeon atmosphere piece.

This video is a single sequence with no edits, 3100 frames at 24 fps. Render time using Eevee about 40 minutes on a GTX 1060, slowed down slightly by the use of volumetrics, and the compositor for the mist pass, still pretty good going though. Time taken from start to finish, for the construction of the dungeon, animation and lighting, from scratch to video, about eight hours, (interspersed with getting my son home from University in the middle of the Covid crisis).
The only premade items were the torch and the creature. In fact because of my abominable typing speed, it took me almost as long to post this as it did to do the project.

The work in progress thread for this video can be found here.![010Lit-Staircase|690x365](upload://Af1wOEdrfdCPLhc0ukcbEDGOebC.jpeg) ( Picture added as thumbnail for post).

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