Don't poke the penguin!

How can something so silly be that fun?

hahahaha!! That is so awesome. How many responses to they have for the penguin?

I only get three responses. The cursing one is the best!

Not nearly as good as this game. :smiley: Just click once to make the penguin jump and a second time to swing. My best score so far is 1188.1.

look like a play on this flash game

Well, to follow in the theme of the last two, try this one:

My personal best is 4856 meters.

yeah though the one I posted is alot more interactive, the character along the ground can gives various effect and you could “crash” him further upward 3 time and occassionally downward using mouse click. sometime you get to a special power time where you have to click to get a really good boost to your bounce and stuffs.

you must have played that game alot. I played for 30 min and only got 888.8 max. It is quite addicting though.

on my third try in Pingu V, I got 1365.7!
just now I got 1794.8
now I got 1803.5
really, I think I hit the penguin just as it was in range of the club and it sent it off the screen
well, I tried the meditation version and the penguin won’t stop bouncing. It’s been 8 minutes and it’s still going. my dist must be > 2000
now it’s been about 45 min and the penguin seems to have floated in the sky because now all there is is a shadow, no bouncing

How do you play it?

Well thanks, Radscientist - how’s a guy meant to get any sleep with people suggesting things like that! Just managed 4479.55.

lol I managed 4009.91 so far.

:EDIT: oh wow I just did 7899.68 M

Here’s my best distance:

I was so upset. I was only about 2000m off of a high score.

Sorry, I still think Pingu Extreme is better.:slight_smile:

Hey! that’s fine with me :slight_smile: everybody have their own perferences and opinions.