Dont post your videos in Youtube

Hi, i would like to tell it to Blenderartist comunity,… please, dont post your tutorials or finished works on Youtube anymore, cause it dont allow anymore for video downloading, and this is a very important thing when you are talking about formation or research, that is the usual objetive of the post in this forums.
You can use vimeo or daylimotion or any other…but please not youtube anymore.

You can use Video DownloadHelper from Firefox to download videos:

but what about all my subscribers, and my fans… and how i can easily share my creation to thousands of people.
cries emotional tears

well apart from that…this is unneeded…
if you need to download anything there are a few getarounds that you can use, just because youtube is not making an option to download anymore(maybe a link to where you’ve heard this) does not mean that it has become a bad thing for us,
also i rarely feel the need to download anything, if you find a good animation why then download it and stop it from getting more views?

the more the views= more famous
more views = no downloading
no downloading = watching the video on youtube again
watching the video on youtube again = more views = more famous‎‎‎‎‎

I just use “youtube options” and download whatever the highest quality version is. It’s either that or watch the video at 144p.

Way back in the day, I could select a reasonable quality, hit pause, and it would buffer the whole thing, then I could watch it. Ever since they broke the buffering, I could not do that anymore. Their buffering is useless, and the autoselect always picks 144p.

144p looks like garbage.

Vimeo still has functional buffering right? Hit pause, let it load, then play it?

I’m confused. My YTD Video downloader works just fine and also downloads from sites like Vimeo. Maybe it’s just a hardware issue you’re having. Also when you download, the YTD, automatically picks the best res, and downloads that.

Stop arguing and do what the man says!!! (steps out the room quietly with a sinister smile on his face).

Lol Kalinaki I imagined an Ace Ventura kinda smile… So WAIT… is there a download option inside Youtube? Cause’ I’ve been using YTD and when it fails on me I download again and it works!

I’m so seriously not ever going to use Youtube again after these nasty attempts of manipulation from these once pillars of society. well at least not when I’s asleep or doing other things.

I don’t want to hear this from someone who was quiet when the CISPA legislation was being pushed and I don’t want to hear this from someone who is quiet now that the TPP is on the table. Google wasn’t part of the lobbying and they are being bullied legally.

Pineapple…I like to eat it!

“Vimeo still has functional buffering right? Hit pause, let it load, then play it?”

If I’m not mistaken it’s even better then that. It opens in full resolution and spools up before it starts playing. Due to this buffering fiasco I’ve started using Utube for testing and posting on Vimeo for a link to past on.

Same here. I’ve downloaded hundreds of YT videos using Downloadhelper on Firefox. Some I even burn to a DVD. I don’t see a problem. Legally speaking, it might be a gray area, not sure about that.

Probably would be a good idea to cite the source of your information… perhaps include a link?

I am quite sure that Youtube never allowed video downloads, it was only doable with 3th party software and using them shouldn’t be illegal in most countrys because you never accepted a term of usage agreement before you watch a video and creating a copy of the video for personal usage are allowed in some countries too, like Germany. But its possible that you violate copyright law in the US by using these software. Its Difficult.

Anyway I don’t mind that much that you can’t download the videos but it would be cool if Youtube would add a option for download, especially for Videos with the Creative Common Lizence.

Download Helper still works as of yesterday.

[Applicable pantheon] bless Download Helper.

I prefer to watch downloaded copies of Blender tutorials rather than watching on-line for the following reasons.

  1. Don’t have to wait while they buffer
  2. I can play them at speed x 1.5 or x 2.0 for the boring bits (how many times do I need to hear “hit x to delete the default cube”)
  3. I can instantly go back and review anything I missed or have trouble following.
  4. I prefer VLC to the YouTube UI
    It’s true, you can use 3rd party apps/extensions to download from YouTube or Vimeo, but the video’s author should be able to make the original video available for download if they wish.

this is not the reason why not we use youtube, its a great website and also we can find so much assignments and so many helpful videos here.

I do with idm & download videos not only from youtube,all…

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(Shrug …)​ I’ve never “downloaded” anything from YouTube, nor would I particularly want to . . .