One day will be the last of my life : I pray God that I won’t spend it reading stupid post like Joeri’s or complaints about CGTalk or complaint like this one…


I hope this day won’t come soon my friend.


I hope too!

A week ago, I was trying to reput people on the “good” way for the benifit of this forum…what came back to me was some acknoledgment (sp?!?) and a bunch of “Why are you becoming so offending? you want people to hate you?”… so I shutted my mouth…and I’ll do MY best to make good reply…the day this community will die from its own stupidity, I’ll seriously won’t have a single tear…since I knew it would come…

Just let the damn people rant and stuff about things they should ignore, let them help blender to look immature…I don’t care, I use it, I love it…if they want to make it look stupid and toyish by defending it like morons…it’s their problem…

No need to flame me for all of this btw… I know you guys love blender and that: “DA BLENDER RULEZ TEH L337 W0RlD!!!111111!1!!11111”

if you hadnt read your posts not very good X-WARRIOR they sounded rude. but you are right. since i came back from my hollyday there were some people here who are annoying. i come here to get some good critics on my artwork and answers to my questions. and of course i want to give C&C and answers too.

during the days of the bot i had to beg for comments. on my latest artwork thread i got replys like: this should be in the wip thread. nice.
of course i got some usefull replies but the amount of stupid posts was bigger.

btw. the the bot project will be reborn this year. only better (if i can learn how to make textures with photoshop :wink: ).