Don't see LSCM

Hi there,

I’ve tried two or three different UV mapping tutorials, and everything goes fine until I get to the unwrapping step. I do see various options for unwrapping: cube, sphere, cylinder, window, etc. But I never see LSCM.

I’m following the instructions I read everywhere: first in edit mode I mark vertices and choose CTL E to mark them; then I tab to object view; then I hit F for UV face view; then I make sure to select all (hit A twice); I open a new window pane with the UV/Image Editing window; and I hit the magic U hotkey. But all I see are cube, sphere, etc – no LSCM. I never get the nice nave-shaped unwrap that you’re supposed to get when you unwrap a simple cube, for example.

Do I need a plugin for LSCM? I’m using Blender 2.42a.

Select “Unwrap” from the U-key menu. It will do an angle-based unwrap, which is the new default and better than LSCM for most models. If you really want LSCM it’s in the UV calculation tab in F9 from face mode; change the rollout menu from “Angle Based” to “Conformal.” A few organic models work better with LSCM.

Ah, that clears it up, thanks. I’ve been selecting “Unwrap”, but I thought I was missing something. I’ll look more closely at the F9 menu for LSCM.