Don't Step on ME!!!

This is one of the projects ive been working on for awhile, ive made a concept image and have modeled and textured some of the key objects. crits would be nice

sorry the images got a bit mixed up, just scroll right to see them all

Looks good…


The texturing on the shoe looks great, you might want to make the shoelaces stick above the shoe a little more, right now it looks like they’re painted on.

Nice grass Brados,

Lol the shoe is totally cheated… its just a rough shape with the texture projected on but yeah i might improve that a bit with some scuplting a bit later, thanks everyone for the comments

I can hardly wait to see it all put together. Nice tree. The green pieces could be more hi poly I think. Do I see some AO on them?

for the tree parts i forgot to press set smooth :stuck_out_tongue: and the lighting is horrible, it will look much better when put together

still needs a whole bunch of work, i cant decide what to do with the camera and how to do the backround, please i need massive crits. im going to start a todo list


no crits?, please?