"Dont´t create groups", "Name groups" HE

“Dont´t create groups”, “Name groups”

ok i kinda remember that blender had the function to parent the vertice groups to bones somehow.

i know how to use the third option the auto rigging but
“Dont´t create groups”, “Name groups” gives me a result where the rigging creates bone vertice gourbs but do not parant them to the bones.
means when i move the bone in pose mode no mesh gets deformed!

is this not working anymore or do i miss somehing?


ymm, were you expecting “Name Groups” to rename existing vertex groups to the nearby bones?

… or what?

I have no idea what it does (I would search the documentation on blender.org)

did you want to have vertex groups created? the automatic creation from nearest bones is at least a good start.

mh i expressed myself bad.

ok you have created vertice goups already.

now you link the object to an armature.

i think that there was also an option that blender links bones to vertice grouos when they have the same name already typed in by you befor linking!!!



ah ok i found it out! i had the stuff from blender manual 2 in my mind.

if you create the vertice groups by hand and give the bondes the same names and than select “Dont create groups” blender will links the goups and bones together when their names match!!!

the ccreate from closets bone does it automaticly.!!!

why isn’t this in blender general? theeth…