Don't think thats what Marvin was thinking

Made this for Challenge #890 "Coming home again, to the perfect storm." (10/07/20) Entries CLOSED

Most of the items and textures where out sourced from the net, i used this to practice putting together a scene and work on a little camera movement.

Used two layers, one layer had everything in it and the second with just the character, wanted the character to come out of the dark and could not get a texture node to fade the character in from the shadows but using Color Balance in the compositing tab worked as i wanted. Tried to use some volumetric “mist” in a cube which worked for the most part except that the character is an image with a transparent backround and the back round was showing in the mist, plus that added alot of time to the render.

Rendered in Eevee with 256 samples (128 would have been fine) and at 4k, 600 frames.

Any and all feed back welcome.

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