don't touch her!!!

Well, this was an “old” model i had done… (old… hem, about one month old).
One of my very first “serious” blends, the char was ispired by Zanno the carrot… (a VenomGfx work… no, no illusions to reach his level.)
When i saw the contest about transgenic i had the idea to recycle it and make a fast composition… i took the last mesh (the scared one) and appended one of it’s old versions (the angry one) then made some changing to them.

The red frame and my signature are from the Gimp.
I don’t know if i will post it on the challenge thread, It’s a bit lacky.
(edit) No… i can’t . It wasn’t done in last 4 days. I had’nt read the rules.:frowning:


OOOps!!! This is mi first post in finished projects!!!

Kind of reminds me of VenomGFX’s stuff.

So, it reminds him a bit???

the char was ispired by Zanno the carrot… (a VenomGfx work…

Love the expressions on those two. Niceley done those.
Materials could be tweaked tough, needs some color variation and the green leafs got bit too much spec.

Thanks, im’ glad you like it.
Materials… there are no “serious” materials on that chars.
I hadn’t reached that point of the guide, when i made it, ih ih ih!
Think i will do something to improve and use them somehow else, but i must finish my sheep first and better learn some more about textures, materials, cameras, backgrounds, rendering, scripts, rigging, mmm… how many!! :frowning: :frowning:

TiZeta, ah, you are correct, I should do a better job of reading posts first.