Don't trip over the Black Stripes /// Warping Micropolygon Displacement Texturing

As swirly and warping as it might look, this is all flat ground. the view into the distance of this perfect loop offers some glimpse into the endless realm of your own imagination while the close up lets you soak in that setting sun and enjoy how it reflects on the cobblestone stripe on the ground.

Browse around this channel and you will find a lot of black and white striped op-art animations that twiggle your perception and bend your reality. So of course after finding this great collection of black and white striped images on deviant art ( ) I was very impressed with the 6th picture in the collection by chocomalk. So I just had to try to recreate this great groundwork in blender and give it my own spin by making a camerflight over it and looping it seamless.

And at the same time this helps me practise texturing (there is no swirly cobblestone texture for download anywhere on the internet for sure) and get into micropolygon displacement, which makes the cobblestones in this surreal and repetitive arrangement look convincingly realistic.
I tried to compose everything with blender this time but after fiddeling with the blender Video Sequence Editor (VSE) I figure it needs either nodes like the compositor and just more distortion effects for 2d layers and less adjustment layers or these features integrated into the basic video strips already and some more improvements…

created by Toxic Tuba

Music by Edwin Montgomery

rendered with Blender 2.90alpha Cycles
Final Compositing with After Effects… and not VSE :frowning:

The swirly cobblestones are based on PavingStones046 by cc0textures

find my previous very trippy and surreal animation here:

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