dont try this at home

I need some comment on this.What do you think.

I can’t see anything. File not found or something…

Same here.

Ok i found your name Chris De Schryver over there but whats the work you want to show?
I think it is this->
Very dangerous electric installation. You love the chaos and not so regular. And there i cant see any real purpose, but technical correct in artistic sense.

oeps very sorry ,
try this one maybe this works. ,(dont try this at home)

its hard to find a site to store your files,without adds and so on.
thanks lexi, its right that’s the one. Like you said no purpose ,so any idea is welcome.:o
I am out of fantasy right now so …
looking forwards :smiley:

Got this message: Login Expired:confused:

forgets to logout , man i feeling stupid now .

this most works or I … eh …

It’s working now.I thought it was a photo at first. Normally, I’d say it’s too dark, but it makes sense here.

That’s some nice texture work.

Your lighting could improve a tad, but of course you wouldn’t want to make it too bright by mistake… perhaps add something like a fill light in muddy colour from bottom left (no ray tracing, directional (sun) and just to lose some of the blacks) and then a stronger colour from key area top left (brighter blue?). You could have dust particles streaming down through this light… make halo active.

The blown bulb lying there with the black sitting at such an obvious angle… looks kind of placed. (posed)
The plugs along the bottom of the box are way too much contrast / black and don’t integrate well into the surface… in fact, most of the pipes & buttons don’t integrate into the surface that well, which is what you want to be doing as a texture artist. Make an AO pass so you can figure out where everything is on the main box surface and then make rust seep from the cracks, paint chip around the joins etc.

I could say the image is “too centred” but really it’s not because the drooping light bulb, the area where the light hits most, the door, other such focal points are not actually centred, so it works well.

Please use for hosting images, as the thumbnail feature is an asset to dialup users like myself who can see what your image is going to be like before waiting the whole download. Fairly reliable as well.

I like your render.

thanks for the comment Lancer.

Not quite, like this…
Their thumbnail code takes only a few seconds even on slow dialup, also showing how big the image will be when clicked. Useful for large images. I sometimes use non-thumbnail if the image is small (600px wide or less, depending how tall)

Man, you seriously should upgrade to DSL. Your life will be so much happier.

I love the plaster; that really makes the piece for me so far. The bulbs and piping are great, too. I also like the little white label with the numbers.

The only thing that seems a little odd to me is that the blue panel looks a lot like a flat photograph in some areas, like the upper left corner and around the level. It just doesn’t pop like the plaster wall does.

Nice piece overall, though.