Dont understand Blender react ;(

Hi !
I want to get the shape 1 with A = B

2 - By extruding my main mesh + curve modifier. It doesnt work length A<> B
3 - With curve + solidify modifier (in this order) - it works ! :wink: A = B
4 - I only add more vertexs - and it doesnt work ! ;( A <> B

Please help me. How can I get it with procedural method

untitled.blend (745.1 KB)

I do not understand what you are asking. It seems you have a successful method in number 3 (curve + solidify). What about this is not satisfactory? Perhaps define “procedural method.”

Thank you for your reply (especially if it wasnt clear )
In fact I need to add vertex at the bottom like the (4) ( vs 3 )
(3) is ok, but when I add vertex at the bottom (4) then A < > B ;( ???!!???

I see.So adding extra edge loops in the base throws things off. It has been a longstanding issue that the solidify modifier creates strange artifacts, but i believe they are working on it. I did a quick search and found this ( which in the search engine page gave some details. I was not able to load this or another page at the moment, and the main site took a long time to load as well (they may be under attack again?). The bottom line is that a newer version of Blender may give better results, now or i the near future. Other than that, I have no suggestions to solve this.

Thank you for your help and the link. It is interesting to know that blender can create thickness in edges with solidify modifier.
You cant see it well on the picture below but the ‘S’ is longer than the ‘A’ or ‘P’

Then, I have no solution yet ;(

Could you explain me how I could contact the blender team for a special request : why isnt it possible to do a boolean operation with a text with remesh modifier ? I always have to convert my text in mesh and I dont understand why because there is a remesh on my (vector) text.

The difference in size of the letter "S’ seems to be due to the font. I checked with a few fonts and found that all of the curved letters (C, O, Q, …) did the same thing. I looked at text in an editor and a vector graphics program , and the same thing happens there. This seems to be an attribute of the font design, and not of Blender’s use of it. Using a separate Text object with a very slightly smaller size would even the height out.

To be honest, I do not know why the Text object allows for the Remesh modifier as it accomplishes nothing. The Boolean and Remesh modifiers work with vertices. Text has no vertices to work with, so you need to convert it to a mesh for a Boolean operation.

As for contacting Blender with a special request, it is not really possible. This is open source software, so Blender does not have a “customer service” department, but instead relies on the community to provide support.If this were a bug, they would deal with it once reported, but it is not a bug. On the other hand, if you donated a sizable amount of money to the Blender Foundation, they would be more likely to hear you :slight_smile:

Also, here is a link to some tips for using boolean with converted text:

Boolean operations works good on 2.8, but I have to convert my vector text in mesh. That I don’t want. Never mind, i duplicate it and convert it . It is longer, but it works