Dont use Keyboard, log, targetfor typing keys on screen...Use this script!!

Hi Guys,
Did u ever hate the fact that the only way you can delete characters using the keyboard sensor is by pressing the darn backspace a million times?? Well no more is this an issue! Just use this script to type in your game exactly how windows is supposed to!

If you have any questions, let me know.


#Blender SendKeys By ThunderCoast Inc.
#Script Purpose? This script is used to send keys to your game exactly how a normal windows computer should. By sending keys while holding a 
#key, and best of all!! backspacing how windows computers should! I hope you enjoy this script as much i do. 
# Mod Corey

# 1. Create a Text Object and toggle the Text property as a "String".
# Used as a target property for displaying text.

# 2. Add a boolean property named "Log" --> set it to "True".
# Used to turn on or off keysending for this object.

# 3. Add a string property named "TargetProp" --> set the string to the property you would like to add text to("Text" Recommended).
# Used for setting the property you would like to send text to.

# 4. Add a keyboard Sensor named "Keyboard"--> Set to true pulse mode 2 --> activate(AllKeys).
# Used for activating/deactivating this script.

# 5. Add a python controller --> Set this current Script Name.
# Used for setting this script to run.

# 6. Link the keyboard sensor to the python controller.
# Used to activate this script.

# 7. Happy Typing :)

#The three standard lines
gl = bge.logic
cont = gl.getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner
if own["Log"]:
    #Get Keyboard events
    keyboard = gl.keyboard.active_events
    #Create global delay varialbe
        gl.TextDelay = 0
    #Create Variables
    keys = cont.sensors["Keyboard"]
    ignore = [133, 131, 13]
    delay = 8
    #Check for shift key pressed
    if 129 in keyboard or 128 in keyboard:
        shift = 1
        shift = 0    
    #Check for keys pressed
    for key in keyboard:
        if keyboard[key] == 1:
            #Turn On pulse mode
            keys.usePosPulseMode = True
            gl.TextDelay = 0
            #Backspace Press
            if 133 in keyboard:
                own[own["TargetProp"]] = own[own["TargetProp"]][:-1]   
            #Tab Press
            if 131 in keyboard:
                own[own["TargetProp"]] += "    "     
            #Enter Press
            if 13 in keyboard:
                own[own["TargetProp"]] += "
        #Send Keys Tap                     
        if keyboard[key] == 1 and key not in ignore:
            own[own["TargetProp"]] +=, shift)
        #Send Keys Constant 
        elif gl.TextDelay >= delay and keyboard[key] == 2 and key not in ignore:
            own[own["TargetProp"]] +=, shift)
    if 133 in keyboard:
        if gl.TextDelay >= delay:
            own[own["TargetProp"]] = own[own["TargetProp"]][:-1]
    if 131 in keyboard:
        if gl.TextDelay >= delay:
            own[own["TargetProp"]] += "    "
    if 13 in keyboard:
        if gl.TextDelay >= delay:
            own[own["TargetProp"]] += "
    #Turn off pulse mode
    if keyboard == {}:
        keys.usePosPulseMode = False
    #Add 1 tick to time delay
    gl.TextDelay += 1    

sweet now my games will have cheats!

Yeah! awesome! I was thinking the same thing josiathegreat!