Don't Want to Extrude Along Normals

Edges and vertices don’t seem to be constrained to normals when extruded, so why does it happen with faces? Is there a button or menu option that changes that? Thanks!

have recalculated the normals Ctrl-N ?
and checked to see if they are all going outward

show us a pic of what you see


Hmm… RickyBlender: you make no sense.

In blender, any transformation can be constrained to an axis by pressing X, Y, or Z after the transformation hotkey. Pressing those twice will give you a secondary axis that is specified by the menu in the header (local, normal, or view). Pressing a third time will cancel any constraint. Since Extrude already starts with normal, just press a X, Y, or Z to constrain to that global axis. If you want free translation press it again, e.g. E, X, X.

Or just rightclick after extrude to cancel normal alignment :yes:

But then you have to press G if you want to translate it.

Thanks, everyone! I tried pressing random buttons as well until I found that “C” canceled the constraint. ©lear, perhaps? Thanks again!


Middle mouse button also cancels the alignment to the normal.

Wow, I didn’t even know that! It works for other transformations as well. Good find. :smiley:

i always just tapped xx, seeing as my finger was on the button already