Don't We Have To Disconnect Particle Systems Anymore?


So I’ve been working on a character I’m creating for practice. When I was using 2.79, I remember the hair particle systems would become all messed up if I edited the mesh before disconnecting the hair. While I was working on this new character in 2.8, I noticed I hadn’t disconnected the hair before sculpting and editing a great deal of the mesh and nothing was messed up. To test my theory, I even grabbed the part of the mesh where hair comes out of and moved it quite a bit upwards and it was still not messed up. Does anyone know if disconnecting the hair is no longer necessary when editing the mesh? It would be great news

Sergey did some improvements for Spring.
When you sculpt, you probably just displaced vertices of mesh.
But you should not generalize from this observation.

If you subdivide mesh, index of faces would be messed up anyway.
If you scale mesh, you can still have problems.
So, disconnecting hair is still necessary in most of cases.

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