Don't worry, It doesnt bite....

It’s been a while since I’ve blendered and even longer since I’ve posted anything;)
I am extremely happy with this one. It’s some wierd reptile/crocodile/two-legged/beast thing! hehehe. Anyways, It was my first creature that actually came to be as I wanted (for the most part), it was my first attempt at using uv texture mapping, and my first working rigged character, not my first animation… but I learned alot in that department, along with the others :slight_smile: Btw I didn’t add any eyes if you’re wondering… :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what it looked like at first

Then I changed it up a bit

And then added some textures, but then the picture got a lil’ dark, sorry

And then I rigged it up and worked with it a bit and made this animation
Jeff H uploaded this video to

I didnt use any referrences or anything, which I guess I should have… I just wanted to get some stuff out without having to be sure of anatomy or whatnot.

Anyways I hope you like the work, tell my what you think.:smiley:

Wow dude!

I love it!

Nice job! Especially on the textures!!! Although…I think the model could easily be more detailed…this would also be a good opportunity to play with the sculpt tool!

But great job with the materials man!!!

-Chris Folea(pronounced Fowliuh)

Look really good but I noticed that the left foot went below where the other one went. If a plane were put in there it would go right through it. Great job on texturing and rigging!