Donut (first Blender experience)

Hi everyone, this is the first finished image i’ve made since i started practicing 3D animation less than a weak agò so i’m a total noob.
After learning the basic commands of blender i decided to follow Blender Guru’s beginner tutorial on how to make a donut, while i’m pretty satisfied with the result i still think it doesn’t look as “real” as the one he made, even while following everything step by step i wasn’t able to improve it further.
Does anyone have any tip for someone with almost no experience?


You going in the right way I also consider myself a noob even though i been working with 3D since 2 years ago xD, start with the basics and work your way to the top if you practice you will be on the top before you know it, Good luck!!

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Holy hell, your first inevitable Donut render is so much better than mine O_o
Keep up the good work!

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