Donut masterpieces

first of many artworks!
I am a great artist


Ah yes
A very fine artwork indeed

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Thank you for acknowledging my awesomeness!
You are also fantastic

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You should try re-uploading your image so it shows up. I would recommend using Smooth Shading for this model. Make the pink frosting more shiny and reflective.

Thank you for interest and uploading tip.
I can not change the work because it is perfection.
It can be admired and I give you all the gift of viewing this.
I also understand people want change.
They have not capacity and masterbrain of me, the ultimate guru to understand what is the perfect donut art.

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I know the feeling. Sometimes you just want to sit back and bask in the glory of your work.

But if the frosting isn’t going to be shiny, you should call it “Bagel with strawberry cream cheese”

Too late.
This work name can not be changed, it has fast be sold for million monies!
So many fans and admirerers.
Possibly you will have the great honor for future naming of my splendiferous creations.
Stand by day and night for my calling on you.

No. Boder has a point. Your hole to donut ratio is totally out of wack. With that much hole, you don’t have a doughnut, you have a cruller.

…and is that what you really want? I mean, like, deep down?

Now you’ve got me wondering whether donuts or bagels have the tighter hole. I’m going to have to find one of these “crullers”.

When you get right down to it, it’s all just pastries.

It’s the act of creating art that demands specificity. If he’s selling us his donut masterwork, it has to TRULY be a doughnut. It can’t be anything else, otherwise he’s selling us a lie.

It’s the way he sees donuts. If the hole is the most important part of the whole donut to him, then he naturally exaggerates the size of the hole.

It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s lying to us, he could just be lying to himself.

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Perception in art stands for a complex relation between visual stimuli and a personal understanding of them. It is a theoretical postulate that aims to clarify the relation between artworks and individual opinions and evaluations. Far from being a universally established matrix of understanding art, perception is conditioned by a context from which observation and evaluation are made. Instead of general models of understanding, it is conditioned by numerous factors, including political, social, cultural, gender and racial. It affects how we see art and what meanings we attribute to it, but is also an active factor in artistic creation. It would be hard to make assertions about the meaning of art without the previously established notions of value that come from multifaceted perceptual conditionings. The views of both an artist and an observer contribute to the understanding of art, and the first is not distinguished in its importance from the second.

The great artist explains: You do not see it as a donut, your perception of my ultimate level of donutry is not yet visible to you. It might take years of learnings to catch a glimpse.
If you do not go mad from overload of my beauty!

So is a donut really a donut if it got no hole?

How can it be the ultimate level of donutry? IT’S GOT MORE NUT THAN DO!

Listen, man. There are some things that you do not mess with. Things so scared, not even the most dainty daring artist dares defile it. The size of the donut hole is one of those things. You buck against the standards here, you risk retribution.

I don’t think that the issue at hand can be solved in any meaningful way

I will meditate my great mind on that and enlighten the worlds in my new donut testament.

A donut without a hole would be an eclair.

DAMN, PEOPLE! DO I NEED TO WRITE A BOOK? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

You and your fancy French holeless cream-filled donuts!!!

Well, excuse me for having standards!