Donut's for the men-at-work :)

Was kind of hungry here this morning so I made this scene to make up for it:

nothing special really but what the heck - migth as well show it.

Nice modeling and texturing work, the dougnuts don’t look very good though, maybe Krispy kremes :wink:

doughnuts need some glaze and the box needs a logo, but it works for me. Nice work.

Those donuts look like big Cheery-O’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

A real doughnut:

Notice how retarded that doughnut looks? Its a very irregular shape. Remember, it is cooked in a pool of fat and forms its own shape. Go for some randomness.

But how did you create that picture in a morning? :o That would have taken me a whole weekend.

Nice work. :smiley:

Ok, I have three gripes with this:

One, the tape on the front of the box confuses me a bit. Was it attached to the lid? If not, does it have a purpose?

Two, the doughnut on the far-right’s hole is freaking huge. If anyone ever gave me one with a hole that big, I’d wear it all day like a bracelet…

…on that same note, are the doughnuts all duplicates of eachother? Just wondering if oversized holes abound, heh.

Third, it’s not a big thing at all, but my eyes are drawn to the edges of the edging on the table. Right at the top of the picture they are fairly visable.

Other than those three things, I really like this picture. It’s got a nice atmosphere to it and I especially love the modeling on the box for some reason… but I’m weird, so oh well.

Sorry if I was a bit harsh.

I noticed they have some blackness on them. If you look at that photo you’ll see that there’s flour residue there, you need to change the black to white. :wink:

Thanks everyone for your feedback.

Hehe…that picture was one of my many “before work” speedmodelling
sessions so I won’t do more with it.

But thanks again - I completely agree with everyone’s advice here,
it looks more like they¨ve been in that box for weeks rather
than fresh donunts :wink:

haha awesome i noticed that theres some seletape…is it seletape? (can’t spell sorry)