"Doodle Jump" Method

Hi guys, I have a question, how would I achieve the Doodle Jump method?
So I can jump through an object from the bottom, but land on the top?

How do I go from this

To this?

I hope my crazy drawing skills are understandable, thanks! :slight_smile:

Final Result I want is this.

I’m not a expert, but think the objects are sensors, when the player have a -z (or -y this case)velocity and touch it , jump.

Thanks for the suggestion. I got it working. :slight_smile:
How did I miss that! :confused:


DoodleJumpThread.blend (423 KB)

i’ve never played doodle jump, but apparently only jumps when its above the cube.

Rethinking the problem, how do you do to move(x axis) the character while is jumping, only when press a key (here, leaning the phone) and stop move when you release the key, without touch the gravity.

I’m un-marking this as solved because I want a more ‘precise’ answer now!
How can I check which direction the character is going? I need to know if he’s falling (-Z) or jumping (+Z).
So I want him to go through the platform, then when he is falling back down and hits it, he jumps.
I don’t want him to raise any higher when he’s going through it from the bottom.

Final question: Does anyone know how to check whether he’s falling or going up? Preferably Python-less.

It’s not too hard to be honest. you’ve got two options, and i prefer the former;

  1. use python - get the objects linear velocity, and if the z component is > 0 (assuming vertical movement) it is moving upwards, if negative, it is falling

  2. use two planes - sensors that detect a collision. As you put one at the level of platform and one above it a bit above the height of the player if the player was standing on the platform. if the top one is touched, it sets a variable to true.
    The bottom one has a touch sensor and property sensor that checks if the object is touched and that variable is true, boosting the player.

Thanks Angus, I’ll try it in a bit.

Thanks a bunch, I got it working but it’s very messy! Appreciate it!
The blend if anyone wants it…
DoodleJumpThread.blend (453 KB)