Just some quick doodles done to pass the time. (it only ended up passing about 45 minutes) I thought you guys/gals might like to see them.



I always like to see people’s quality doodles. :wink:

That dragonface in the upper middle there…reminds me of something
can’t quite put my finger on it… But it’s soooo… Don Bluth :slight_smile:

Heh. Quality doodles indeed. I started drawing using only black prismacolor pencils and have been much better off ever since. Gradients are fast and easy to put down, and with a decent eraser, somthing small prefferably, details are a snap. So I just start throwing things down on a page, and somtimes I get somthing I really like. Thanks for the comment. :smiley:

While there are some proportion issues here and there, I have to say your use of shadow and highlight is excellent. How do you get those bright crisp highlights?

Highlights you say? The power of an electric eraser my friend. :slight_smile: One you use one you’ll never go back. Also, use good drafting or marker paper, and black prismas make for an easy time with shading. I can’t take the credit for these discoveries though. That goes to Neville Page and his awsome Gnommon DVDs. Check them out, they are more than worth the money.