Started as meeting doodles, now I’m trying to draw these ‘doodles’ more conciously. Doodle 1 and 2 ar still pure meeting doodles, the newer ones and esp. from doodle_007 and on are more conscious drawings (although the method consists of letting the subconscious guide based on a theme, which often is determined after the first few jots). I often don’t know where a doodle will end.

You can see them on my site at . I know they are not always in order, but that is not important :] Read the titles :wink:



Very interesting doodles, are you planning on modeling any of the “creatures”?

Wonder what Sigmund Freud would say about them? :wink:

Interesting work, looks like some recurring themes, (weights with chains etc)

Look forward to seeing more.


I asked basse if he could do some. He’s busy with Orange now, so we’ll have to wait for anything really cool. I might try myself too - but I’ll have to practice much more to be able to do what I want from myself to model these :slight_smile:


Very COOl doodles! :slight_smile:

Especially this one:

Funky funky stuff…
Where do you get it? :wink:

Very interesting. Your line has that Calvin Schenkel feel to it.