doodling in boredoom

Im reallllllly bored, so started doing a bit of simple modelling… Heres a rough model of my bedroom atm…

Big Image (1600x1200):

This is cool, i like the lighting. Is this a type of toon shading? How did you get the black edges, and can you adjust the thickness of the edges? Thank you.

check out edge settings in the output tab in the render settings. And you can change the width and the colour.

Simple Sword, modelled in maybe 3-5 mins…


simpleSword.blend (134 KB)

paper bag -> 30 mins (for smc)


Paper bag should have a more crinkly texture, but I like these kinds of threads where it’s just a progression of stuff as you go. Keep blending!

although my last post is actually my oldest :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: