Doodling with GIMP 2.4 Release candidate


just doodling with the new feature on GIMP 2.4 release candidate 1. thanks to Mmph! for prividing the window built link
really love it! especially with spacebar for panning and brush resizing thing. but i heard that it also support for 32bit bitmap ?? i still don’t know how to activate that. and it sometimes crash when i try to resize the canvas


nice. Have you downloaded the photoshop brushes that now have native support. Like the skin and hair brushes

stulliDPB linked to two of the sets, but if you go to the downloads section of the site, there are a bunch more, for natural media effects, and texture creation, all kinds of stuff.

Dam, you are an excellent painter!

Glad to help withthe gimp link… I am looking very forward to the next release!

nice job, i still have to get used to the setup.

thanx bgstatt, very useful stuff ;)…

thanx for the link Mmph!

The_Warder : it takes time. in every software i believe there are some learning curve. the first time i know blender or GIMP, it felt really confusing and frustrating, but i’m getting used to it now :slight_smile:

Cool painting! Do you start your paintings with a line sketch or what? What’s your painting method?

What’s new in GIMP 2.4? Is it still that same horrible interface? That’s the only thing that I could never get used to… plus it crashes when I try to run scripts sometimes.