And the award for the most pointless post goes to…this guy. :wink: Doom 3’s been out for a while now buddy, old news. Great game though!

yeah, doom3 is Scary :slight_smile: and awsome. Greatest game ever made :stuck_out_tongue: (my opinien)

no metal gear solid2 and when 3 comes out OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH it will rock!

sorry to say so grim but doom3 makes metal gear look like a school girls game. If you play doom3 in a pitchblack room with surrond sound ur going to danm near wizz yourself.

NO!!! metal gear solid all the way :P…it rulez.

Hardly, good for the “Spawn in your face” if you find that a good thing and for the awesome graphics which is all its good for it would be better if it came with a fast foward button, like for when you do all the backtracking. dont get me wrong i like shooting things but doom 3 just falls flat, doom was awesome but that experience has been recreated over and over that id should have done more

look? yes; but MGS3 will rock sooo much in gameply i mean comeon how sneakier can you get in this genre kojima is definately a top game designer, invents a genre then goes back a redesigns it, sam has nothing on snake

as for greatest game of all time…Half-Life i mean it was the the best deal for my money
but for scary games i’d choose the fatal frame series

I hear it’s pretty scary:


Man that is so funny. really, now i wanna play the game. who is it in the video btw?

meh… i played doom three on a friends computer and i must say that it was solidly mediocre. The graphics were great (if not just a tad bit dissapointing coughtextures), the animation was pretty good, the story was…well…whatever and the gameplay was nothing special. While it beats the hell out of the old dooms, I really would rather play HL (or HL 2!)

I think part of the problem is that the gaming industry hyped the hell out of this game and my expectations were EXTREMELY high

i was most dissapointed with the lack of dynamics of the game. I just didnt feel very immersed…and i did play it in a dark room with surround sound…

heres to HL2!

ps. I hope the mods for D3 are better than the actual game was…
I hear it’s pretty scary:


anyone see 2001 : a space oddysey? its like a perfect updated remake of the first scene this is so going in my “gotta do something like this in something” list

thats still no reason this game should be hyped up as a great game. thats like saying that HL2 will be great because of all the great mods that are probably going to be made for it

ps. (yay! tangents!)
my predictions are that HL2 is going to blow. its going to be same thing as HL but with more open spaces (didnt work with DMC2) why? because look at all the shit thats been put out by valve since HL ; thats right nothing…theyve been feeding us false news of TF2 and then CZ and now they are doing the same HL2.
the graphics arent great(as in just instead of heavily modifided Quake2 it looks like Q3 with shaders) and all of the stuff they showed was prescripted(dirty liars). i dont mean to bash valve but all we hear is HL2 is gonna rule, someones got give a different view …i mean theres gotta be someone else who aggrees…whos able to look through the hype…anyone?

and now for what have heard and might hear from valve
“oh well get it out by SEP 30”
“oh wait weve been haxored heres some more prescripted crap that we rushed together”
“uh yeah, heres CS:S beta to keep the people we screwed happy”
“yeah we have a whole slew of stuff thats never been seen before; its going to be great!”
“uh yeah we really dont have any HL2 its all just a hoax, heres a completely updated HL/CS you guys can play with though”

I got Doom3 as soon as it hit the shelves. I loved playing through the campaign and the Hell level scared me enough to where I had to stop for a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

But what struck me was how very basic the gameplay was. I’m jaded now. I want prone, leaning, stealth, hacking. I want vehicles. I wan’t a dynamic world where I can throw stuff. I wan’t to go anywhere in the game world. None of these exist in Doom3, it has the same formula as Quake 1 gameplay-wise with a few minor exceptions.

It was also a very straight story line. You followed through the script to the end and had almost no variance. You could only break the glass that was meant to be broken, you had to kill every mob that came at you, you had zero say in what you did.

You were also a nobody to the end. Well, you actually saved the universe etc, but everyone who knew what you did were either dead or stuck in hell, so no glory.

Graphics-wise, the attention to detail was astonding. But the world is a negative void, meaning you have to have completely closed maps for it to work, making outdoor maps rare and hard to make look good. A big difference from the other Dooms which were positive voids. Guess it doesn’t matter too much, being on Mars and the outdoors inhabital, but it did make it all feel very confining.

I am also waiting for Half Life 2, but I feel this game was worth the price. It was fun I have to admit, but if it wasn’t for my brother not being finished yet, I’d be uninstalling.

i agree on the “half-life is going to suck” idea. I think the engine will be good and the gameplay better than doom3 but I know im going to be at least a little dissapointed.

Half-life and CS aside (1.5 version of course), valve is begining to sell out. Steam is a great tool when it works but the constant updates are rediculous. I hate having to wait for 20min-30min just to play 20 minutes of CS before I go to work!

I cannot agree that the graphics for HL2 suck. I think they are at least on par with d3 graphics, although im hoping that they will be a little better.

Omg, you must have never seen those demo moives. They are amazing.

And the AI actually plans stuff (Like if an alien attacks you from the front and you kill it, and then one who was behind you all the time shoves you off a bridge when you are not paying attention. Usually the stuff would be a little more complex).

no! mgs3 will kick sams ass and dooms it will rok, kojima is the man

Haha, whatever.
Let’s just hope they don’t decide to get profound like in MG2.

no! mgs3 will kick sams ass and dooms it will rok, kojima is the man

I have no idea what that even says…

I’m playing through the campaign right now, but i can only play it for like 10-20 minutes at a time… SOOOO scary. I’m sure it won’t have much replayability, but it still owns. I don’t know what you’re thinking about bad textures… if you actually turn them up they look fine.

I think HL 2 will own this game in everything except maybe graphics. I’ve… er… played… er… seen sombody play the leaked beta, and even in it’s unfinished and sometimes textureless (also modelless, i’d kill an enemy and instead of blood and gore it’d have flashing “error” 3d words… lol) state, it was still awesome graphics. The story and everything looks awesome, i soooo want to play it. I’ll buy it the day it comes out.


I was tempted to get the leaked beta but decided agaisnt it.

BTW, I only played Doom3 on a 9800xt at medium quality so I guess I dont know for sure what the textures would look like on full quality.

Meh, its a fun game I guess but I dont think its that scary.

How much have you played it dante? I stopped playing it tonight because i was crawling around in a vent and about to get some armor when some 8 eyed monster popped out, it scared the crap out of me. You obviously must not the sound turned up or anything, it’s the scariest game i have ever played.