Doom 3 graphics: Overrated --Now with Proof

I have read quite a few reviews of Doom3, all stating that the graphics are absolutly amazing and whatnot. What bothers me the most is that these reviews claim that the game has incredibly sharp textures. Am I playing a different game than these people? I run the game at 1600*1200 at high quality, and often feel disgusted at the quality of the textures of the game. Has anyone else experienced this feeling? I think a Doom3 retexturing project is in order. Now maybe if I had a year or two to waste…

eubh wait…I played the game in 1024x768 (medium quality lever)…and it was absolutly beautiful.

Maybe half-life2 beat it…I didn’t really check it…but in any way, you cannot say the texturing of doom3 is bad.

Doom 3 was kinda the first of the real “next gen” video game, and IMHO, it kicked soo much ass especially with the character anim and texturing. Take some printscreen of what you call “bad looking” in doom 3…and I’ll see if I agree or not, but I personally never saw anything bad in doom3 on that matter.

Now for the proof…

Look at the floor texture, not so great

This text on this box is shameful

Look at the terribleness in the red circles

This has to be one of the worst in game soda machines I have ever seen

Some legible text wold have been nice

WTF man, I’d like to see you or anyone else do better anytime soon.

You obviously have NO IDEA about what goes in to programming. You can’t just throw a couple of super hi-res textures on and expect it to go smoothly…

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Have you tried playing at 1024x768? Maybe something happens when you go to extra high resolutions.

But I do agree that the graphics are overated.

Why do people think that graphics are what make the game? Have you ever played pong?

In multiplayer games, it’s the ping that makes the game.

And yes, this was a silly pun, thank you very much. :stuck_out_tongue:


In multiplayer games, it’s the ping that makes the game.



I KNOW that making textures is time consuming. I won’t be treated like an idiot. I jave made MANY high-res textures myself for various games such as Morrowind, Quake 1, 2, 3, Unreal, etc etc etc. I even textured a very accurate clone of AOE2 that my dad and I were making for Linux. And for your information, often times you CAN go and slap on a high res texture, as long as it is in the same propotions as the original. . As I havn’t tried doing any retextures for Doom 3 yet, I can’t be certain that the same applies for it, however, being a standard OpenGL game, I would assume that it does since I have extensive experience with OpenGL and how it opperates.

WTF man, I’d like to see you or anyone else do better anytime soon.

Before making dim-witted coments, I suggest you look into the topic you are discussing. The following link contains a package which retexters almost every monster and character in the game. It’s only a matter of time before the enviroments are retextured as well. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

the word “pedantic” springs to mind.

the word “pedantic” springs to mind.


Have fun giving Doom 3 massive textures. Don’t come crying to us when your FPS hits rock bottom.

You have totally missed the point. All that I’m trying to say is that the graphics were totally overated, but I guess I got a little carried away. Look, I’m a nice guy and I don’t want to get in a fight with anyone here at Elysiun, as for the most part this is a great community. If it bothers every so much the lets all just forget I said anything at all. It’s no big deal, I should keep such trivial matters to myself. Sorry to waste everybodies time.

You missed my point.
The graphics were not overrated. You are just nitpicking on certain textures when viewed extremely close up and totally ignoring the big picture.

You missed my point.
The graphics were not overrated. You are just nitpicking on certain textures when viewed extremely close up and totally ignoring the big picture.[/quote]
I’d argue both ways

the graphics were overated, somewhat

the techniques used all had existed previously, and been used before in some other shooters. For example, far cry had a lot of detail on the characters by using normal maps, but unlike doom3 about only the characters had normal maps. Doom3 took existing techniques [normal maps, and stencil shadows] the whole way, using dynamic lighting on everything [though not everything was configured to self shadow, it could have been]

no scene in doom3 I found very stunning, like I found the massive landscapes in far cry.

that said, doom3 certainly has a different atmosphere which doesn’t really allow for something very stunning

conclusion: no new features, but the extent to which they were used is certainly something to notice

I’m curious what people will do with that engine, as sharp edged shadows don’t look very good in outdoor environments.

As for the texture resolution, you can’t really expect very much. all games recently suffered from the same problem [to the same or more of an extent], and the problem is worsened when the texture has a normal map.

Oh, I detested the style and feel of Doom 3. That’s for sure. Far Cry was much better on that level.
But I can’t argue that Doom 3 isn’t impressive as far as sheer detail goes.

you called?


man people gotta get over it.

A) games are far from realistic. (AKA they are all crappy)

B) refer to A


Show me another game in the same graphical settings where it does any better.

Doom3’s graphics can be adjusted to be sharpened/blurred, the texture resolutions used can be adjusted.

Did you try all of this first, actually going into the setup files and changing settings there?

Hell, you never told us if you used ultra high quality (texture quality increases with quality level)

The current Doom3 settings are a comprimise between playability and detail.

Come back with an unbiased example, and if you want photorealism, walk around in the fresh air more.

Don’t start flamy threads with no solid facts.


i played the doom 3 demo.

in a dark room, with headphones.

had to keep a break every 15 minutes so that my heart wouldn’t stop.

generally I find most of 3d games ugly because how they are empty and flat and blocky. doom3 wasn’t so much… I really liked how it looked. gloomy and beautiful.