Doom 3 has awsome graphics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im running on a 800mhz pentium 3, 512DDR RAM and a ATI RADEON 9000 64MB PCI… Im running doom 3 on Medium graphics in 1024X768 and i have no lag whatso ever and look at the screenshots below and then tell me if you think doom 3 sucks!!! Yes and those screen shots werr taken of my crappy computer!!!

If the Pics below dont work go to these urls(copy and paste them in ur address bar))

I have also another computer thats RIGGED OUT and im running doom 3 in ultra on that and it even looks like 300 Times better than the screenshots above… And i think that half life 2 and doom 3 are both timeless classics and that there both good!!!

well doom 3 i don’t know if it sucks. but what i do know is that.




Lol yah!!!

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Sorry. Halflife 2 made it for me. obetter graphic and physic engine for less juice. Doom 3 is juste a too big beast to run.

Well the Models In doom 3 were modeled more realistic than half life2 but half life 2 has way more realistic texutring, like cracks in cement and stuff!

half life 2 has better texturing, story, gameplay, and animation for half the resource cost. Plus, doom 3 is a sequal to a mediocre game. Dont get me wrong, run shoot run shoot run shoot is fun for awhile, but it really helps to put a story in there too. (I know d3 has a story, but its lame and doesnt really interact with the game very well. The gameplay is dry as hell)

hl2 owns.
d3 was overhyped and not a very good game. Its d1 and 2 with a costly graphics engine.

HL2 has good gfx, but people on the steam forums are taking it as a joke.

Doom 3? People don’t even mention that on the steam HL2 forums. Nope.

If you want a good game, buy HL2!
Plus, the girl called Alyx is HOT!


first, doom3 isn’t a sequel, it’s a remake :wink:

secondly, how can someone think doom1 and doom2 were mediocre!!! it’s the source of every first persone shooter. One of the first that actually was in 3d. and hell (no pun intended), it was fun. lol I know it’s a matter of opinion…but doom 1 & 2 are like the best game ever created, because they simply revolutionized the word “game”.

Well as far as the “amazing graphics” of is, from what i can see the graphics are about equal to Unreal II.

Doom 3 looked like a movie and it also looked like everything was made out of plastic(that darn game had too dark shadows)
now… Half-Life 2 had decent graphics and runned very fast
Men of Valor has pretty good graphics too
next thing I’m waiting for is The Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Did I mention that those are some of the ugliest doom screens I have seen?

I understand the comments about doom’s weak points, but in the end doom lets me forget that it’s a game, and that’s the best sign of quality for me. Plus, the game booklet already warns that it’s not for cowards, so go get your HL2. :stuck_out_tongue:


From elder-scrolls 4:

I loved Morrowind, i hope this one owns too…


Just wait. Unreal 3…

THe oblivion guys said that they have finished 450% of the game and now they are cutting out quests that are annoying and not fun…


half-life2 was Better then doom3, but Doom3 was Still awsome :stuck_out_tongue:

Dmn, that looks so real :o , i would like to play that [!]

TTD and Liero are unbeatable. Somewhere along the way game developers forgot that it’s the gameplay that makes a game. Not gfx.

Aaaah, another liero fan ! this game rocks :smiley: But i enjoyed D3 too… :slight_smile:

They aren’t “game developers” (the people who made doom), they are graphics artists and programmers with nothing better to do, and no idea how to make a game… :wink:

Liero [!]
I LOVE that game! it played it normally for like 2 years before i found out about mod packs and stuff though… i have to say the original and the 1944 (or was it 45?) versions were the best ones