Doom 3

i just purchased Doom 3. IT ROCKS!!!

the physics in the game are great. I suppose this is ragdoll physics like Hitman 2. I was wondering, is there any such physics engines for blender animation. If not, are there any in production or will there be any physics things for blender animation.

I recommend Doom 3 to every one. Its like watching a scary movie except u control it. Any one who likes blender will appreciate the work that went into this. The story is awesome.

The basic concept of the game is that a military group settled on mars and made a teleporter between any two worlds. But when u, a marine, arrive on mars to protect the facility, u learn of the “accidents” that are happening… Those two worlds are our universe and … HELL.

im not gonna give too much away. But a message for those with a weak stomache and faint hearted, BEWARE!!!. So go buy doom 3,

lol you just got it, scary huh…try the shadow mod (it includes all objects and yourself cast 2nd shadows, something like that, it makes it extra scary, you better have a powerful graphics card for the shadow mod, anything Radeon 9800 and Nvidia 5900 or above should be fine.)

I played the demo and I hated it from the dark. All the darkness and the stupid resident evil-esque zombies were just stupid.

Give me Doom 2 any day.

I liked the classic doom’s for their simplicity, but nobody can say that doom3 isnt better in nearly every way, I was scared to death the first time i played it, and i loved every second of it… My only complaint is that navigating can be pretty hard, and you mostly have to rely on the ‘ok there are no dead things here’ to get on the right track

To me, Doom 3 is the most convincing game ever. Never before have I felt a game physically - one time one of my veins was pumping so hard I recognized it for the first time…

And still - I get shocked every time again. The psycho scenes (“They took my baby…”) give me the rest.

Great game - but I wouldn’t recommed it to everyone.

I had to stop playing when I got to the Hell level about half way through. Got too freaked out. Not since Thief 1 and those damned zombies has that happened.

what about the physics in the game will that ever be available for Blender?

idk about the engine, try searching for BlODE.

but I just freaked out by the Flood in Halo. I think I will pass on other games.

Doom 3 is awsome, but…

FarCry is a better game. The graphics are about equivalent, physics are better, and tehre are lots of vehicles.

Doom 3 is awsome though.

Yeah, i got Doom 3 also, but i have to say that it’s really not as scary as people say… it’s more just running around in the dark (which, if you look around, there’s a computer or something that explains why everything is always so dark) and saying “oh, sh’t, there’s a zombie with a freaking pipe wrench…”

Although, toward the beginning when the guy drops upside down from the ceiling and you hear “help me… help me…”, that was pretty cool.
My question is, why does it take place on mars? shouldn’t it take place on mars’ moon, phobos like other doom games?

Also I heard people were having issues with Farcry, like the bad guys could see through stuff and such… has that gotten fixed in like a patch or something?

EDIT- Has anyone else noticed that it went doom, Ultimate doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, and THEN Doom 3?

Hahaha… I don’t even have to comment on this one…

I believe Far Cry is a much more enjoyable game than Doom 3. I tried the Doom 3 demo which had great graphics, but I got bored halfway through it.

Graphics isn’t everything. Besides Half life, System Shock 2 is the best game I’ve ever played.

The best games I’ve ever played are:

  1. Half life (I can remember how blown away I was when first playing it)
  2. System Shock 2 (a very close second)
  3. Far Cry (Didn’t like the demo that much, but got the full game free for buying an AMD64 MoBo and CPU, then I was hooked)

I expect Half Life 2 to surpass all of them. I better stop talking about HL2, I’m starting to drool again.

I bought Doom3 ,and i thaught it would be Much more scary`er, but i still Like it, it is the best game i have played. But it gets kinda boring after a while. it is just the same thing, dark ,scary,monsters.

Far Cry Looks very good, i have tryed it, but i just dident like it for some reason :expressionless: .

I think i will like Half-Life2 better, or Halo2 :smiley: .

a really good game is splinter cell: pandora tommorow. Great single player story and even better multiplayer.

most amazing graphics engine ever
crappiest actual gameplay ever…well maybe not EVER but it was pretty bad.

I will admit the opening ‘scary parts’ with the radio calls and such was quite neat. Can’t say I ever got scared though. Can’t say I really enjoyed much about it either aside from the graphics.

“You expect too much! Jeeze, give ID a break!” - Well maybe I wouldnt expect so bloody much if they didn’t hype it up so bloody much.

HL2 will be better, I hope. Graphics wise, certainly not but as far as gameplay, valve wouldnt have to try too hard to beat Doom 3. run, shoot, jump because of some stupid zombie that comes out of a dark corner, cue scripted door smashing, repeat

run, shoot, jump because of some stupid zombie that comes out of a dark corner, cue scripted door smashing, repeat

yeah but its just fun sometimes to blow zombies to bits. I prefer story over graphics, but doom i made an exception.


one of the most unique games i have ever played. im eagerly awaiting SPLINTER CELL: CHAOS THEORY…

CMON UBI HURRY UP :x :smiley:

I played doom3 for half an hour, so I didn’t have time to get to any scary parts. :frowning: I couldn’t play it on my comp anyway. I want to get Unreal2004.


im eagerly awaiting SPLINTER CELL: CHAOS THEORY…

Yeah, It’s going to be a while though, so don’t hold your breath for too long…

march of '05

a new weapon in it too… A KNIFE MWAH HA HA slice-n-dice time :smiley: :<

I have the first Splinter Cell for XBox. I hate it. The stealth is tedius, not fun.