Doom like...

(Ecks) #1

Ok long time ago I saw a first person shooter game made in blender and yesterday I was playing doom 95 (yeah the old cool classic game) and I ask me: Is a game like that is possible to make in gameblender…Like 50 monster in the screen at the same moment…Is there a way to use “animated image” for the monster like in the old game (wolfeinstein, doom etc…). If I start a game like that I want to know who will want to help me because my “gameblender” skill are not very good…

PS: If seacigar read this, I just want to inform you that I didn’t work alot on my level for your game because I was very busy in the last day…

(saluk) #2

Well, 50 enemies at a time would be pretty taxing to the engine methinks, and it’s not really the graphics that slow it down. But yeah, I suppose you could use animated textures to make 2d sprites instead of 3d enemies, and I think pretty much everything in doom would be possible to make. It would be hard to do AI though. And saving is hard to do as well.

(Abracsis) #3

Basically, the original doom used planes, with animated pictures to be the enemies. Blender could easily handle this, but. Animated textures have been broken for quite a while. I believe in 2.25 they are fixed, but don’t quote me.

Using skeletons to animate that number of enemies is very unsuitable as blender with today’s technology would struggle. However. If you used, say 4 mesh’s, in differnt poses, of the run. with mouth opening/shutting, then flicked between them, this might be possible. As long as they are VERY low poly. if you don’t mind simplicity. Maybe you could Vertex paint apose to texturing.

That’s the only way to conserve power for having say 50 enemies…at the same time.


(saluk) #4

Actually, I think the limiting facgtor for that many enemies would be the amount of logic on the enemies, and with any kind of semi complex ai, you have to load them up with rays, radars, collision sensors, and tons of other stuff, and that’s even if you ARE using python! I think it would have to be attempted to even see if its possible or not, but I think low poly enemies would work fine as long as no armatures are used.

(TorQ) #5

I don’t think that its the armatures that slow Blender down either. The other day as a test I duplicated a character that I have thats about 300 polys and has about 15 bones. I had at least 30 copies all running around in the engine still at 60fps. The thing is is they had hardly any logic bricks applied to them.


(saluk) #6

Dude, really??? Cause in my FPS it ran great with 4 guys, but when I added any more than that it started slowing down uncontrollably.

(TorQ) #7

Yeah, I looked at that demo. If you show the framerate and details you’ll notice that more than half of all of your processing power is going to logic. I’m sure that all of your ai and collision boxes and whatnot for each charcater is really taking a chunk out of your total. Maybe you need to simplify things some?

(saluk) #8

hehe, no can do, the ai IS pretty complicated, and yet it is still pretty dumb. It takes a lot of logic to do good ai, although I could probably simplify it a bit using python alternatives, but not much.

Logic needs a speed improvement.