Hi all

So I recently watched the DooM/4 E3 gameplay trailer and was very impressed with the model destruction.
Now i’m no expert at code or how they managed to achieve it, but wondered if it is possible with Blenders GE.

Here is a link to the video:

The chainsaw goodness.:smiley:

I’m interested to hear what you guys think.

For what the player can do and how the world looks, it’s amazing.

For what the enemy can do, it looked quite simple; stay -> shoot or run towards player-> shoot/melee .

Hopefully the execution animations can be turned off, they leave you too vulnerable.

edit: damn, didn’t post the edit.
The visual body parts are probably turned invisible and their collision boxes removed.
Then a flying body part is spawned. Stuff like this is never dynamic.

Overall cheap design…

I saw the video and because the chainsaw effect repeats itself I’d say that the meshes are simply divided and animated during the modeling stage by the artists and, at runtime, the game chooses which animation to play. So I vote for “practical effect”, nice to look at but nothing “next-gen” like realtime mesh decomposition.

It looks good, but I can see it getting boring pretty quickly unless those animations are changed up. Check out the dynamic destruction of the monsters in Killing Floor 2…

id software has always had great looking engines and good ideas, but their games devolve into little more than a tech demo with no depth. Not trying to be a wet blanket, but I’ve spent too much money on games like Rage, Doom 3, etc., and have come away disappointed and feeling cheated. I guess some folks like just running around shooting beasties, but I prefer a little more than that.

I enjoyed doom 3 because it was actually pretty scary not just gory and violent torture porn like the reboot seems to be. Maybe I’m getting old but I don’t really want to see graphic autopsy level violence like that…

:eek:woa… those graphics are amazing. The violence factor is a bit overboard, but think about the skill needed to create the graphics.

Anyway, we did have a thread about the technical aspects of gore a couple of months ago. You should be able to find it if you search. Things like pain skins were talked about, and there was an interesting link to an outside article about procedural gore and blood.

Thanks for your thoughts guys, I was afk from the forum for a while and didn’t pay attention to posts.

@VegetableJuiceF you may be right with those techniques, shouldn’t be hard to mimic with logic bricks, just a few edit object nodes with state switches I guess.

@Smoking_mirror I’ll give it a search.