doomsday planet (another anim update)

(stephen2002) #1

even More updates below

I will eventually be using these landscapes as backdrop for an animation.

Click on an image for a larger version.

QTVR of the first shot. (~400KB)
QTVR of the second shot. (~250KB)

There are a number of tweaks left to be done to make it more suitable for the storyline to my animation, as well as a number of visual tweaks (such as making the sun have to black areas). I will keep you posted.

Let me know what you think. Does it look like a planet that is falling into the sun?

(NateTG) #2

is that blender or terragen? If blender, how did you do such detail on the rocks in the foreground. :o it looks like mesh detail :o

looks good.

(stephen2002) #3

neither…it is MojoWorld (, simaler to Terragen, only better (IMO). Plus, over that ridge, is more landscape. This thing makes entire planets, not just a little square.

Blender could probably do that, with a lot of fighting and work. This only took about a day of tweaks to make…and another day to render.

(stephen2002) #4

here are some updated images. I think that the layout of the landscape, atmosphere, and sun are just about what I want it to be.

Click an image for a larger version.

(BaDbOyHeRe) #5

DOH!!! :o <—jaw drop. thats amazing. I think that I may be just waisting harddrive space with my work.

(stephen2002) #6

glad you like it. :smiley:

Just wait untile I get some time, I will be compositing a colony structure onto the planets surface, which will hopefully be lit corectly by means of HDRI and radiosity.

(Turrin) #7

Can this program import to Blender or vice-versa?


(Cativo) #8

nice pics! you must have a fast system(pc) I tried that program but was way too sluggish in mine!

(stephen2002) #9

my PC is a 1GHz PIII and a GeForce2 GO (it is a laptop). Those renders took about 2.5 hours each!

The program has full export capabilities, the landscape AND texture can be exported at unlimited resolution to a number of formats. However, once it is in your other app (such as blender) you have to re-create the lighting and sky in that program.

The program has limited import capabilities, the mesh must be UV mapped. Of cource, once you get it into the program you really can’t do all that much with it other than place it in the landscape and render.

I am going to use it to render out backdrops, which I will be compositing things onto.

(stephen2002) #10

I have made a short “accent” animation. It is a GIF file. I recomend doing a “save target as” and then watching it locally so that the timeing is correct:


(Rhysy 2) #11

:o :o :o

Nothing more needs to be said.

(stephen2002) #12

ok, here we go, I did a bit of an integration test, to see if I could use MojoWorld landsapes as a backdrop, and I would appear that I am successful.

I had MojoWorld render out a QTVR, but instead of saving it as a .mov file I had it save it out to individual frames. I then lanched HDR Shop, converted the stills to HDR images, loaded them up in the Blender HDR utility that eschlo (sp?) wrote a while back and converted it to a spherical environment map, which I essentially mapped to the inside of a sphere and put some test objects in to see what it looked like. Whew, what a lot of steps. I don’t suppose that anybody else has a faster way to convert 6 stills (top, bottom, left, right, front, back) into a spherical map?

It is REALLY low-res to speed render times for my testing. And it isn’t the same planet (again, just to speed testing). Eventually I will be using the Doomsday Planet landscape for an animation, and step 1 is to put a big structure on the landscape. Then will be making the characters (the very first time I have done it :o ), recording the voices, animating…making CG is hard work.

You can see the test here (450KB).

(Ecks) #13

WOWOWOWOOOW this accent .gif is cool!!! I just don’t want to know how many poly are on that planet…This is one of the coolest thing I have seen with blender!! keep up the good work!

(stephen2002) #14

sorry X-warrior, the planet was not made in Blender. It was made in MojoWorld

(eeshlo) #15

Don’t use a spherical map, map the pictures directly to a cube, this also avoids the distortion you get from the conversion.

(stephen2002) #16

humm, that is one way. However…wouldn’t you notice the edges of the square?

(stephen2002) #17

well, more playing with camera paths has generated another test animation. only 1 frame per second at half resolution, 50 seconds.

video (1MB)

This one will be used as part of a much more elaborate project, but I am not telling anything more yet. :wink:

(S68) #18


So much better than Terragen :slight_smile:


(BMD) #19

what you’re doing is awsome. I love watching how this is evolving.

Keep up the excellent work!