doomsday, will it ever come or?

I’m currently having a project in school about doomsday (the last judgement), And I have a some questions I’d like to ask you.

  • Do you think doomsday will ever come?
  • What happens and why?
  • Are we (us human beings) guilty
  • does it affect you?

I think the earth, or at least the life will disappear at some time. Global warming, may spoil our planet and if it doesn’t many other things could happen.


Biblical prophecy has the full summary of what to expect in the end of days on the Earth as it is currently.

Global Warming wiping out all life on Earth is crap, a decent number of scientists outright reject it.

the world was suppost to end in 2000…so no i think all Bull SH*T

Next thursday, 8 PM.

And here we go again…:spin:

-Will Doomsday come?

Yes, eventually the sun will expand and boil off the atmosphere and oceans and make Earth uninhabitable, but humans will have created their own doomsday long before this.

-What will happen and why?

The sun will burn all its hydrogen off and start fusing helium as a natural part of its evolution, which will cause the outer layers to expand and cool, but still be hot enough to kill the Earth.

Long before this, though the humans will have polluted the Earth to be uninhabitable (even if you don’t “believe” in global warming, you have to admit that pollution is not good) or an inevitable nuclear or other war.

-Are we guilty?

Of the sun? No. Of ourselves? Yes.

-Does it affect me?

No, I’ll probably (hopefully) be long dead by the time any of that happens.

Supposedly there is something going to happen around December 2012, when the Sun and Earth will pass through the galactic equator (I think) and align in some special way or something (the Mayan Calendar ends here). Also there was an asteroid that was supposed to come near enough to the earth around the 2030’s that could have been of concern, but apparently isn’t anymore (when NASA reran calculations).

Either that or yes life as we know it will end Next Thursday @ 8 PM GMT.

Oh and for political and religious flamewars, doomsday will hopefully come soon. Maybe this thread will get a lock before it gets to 20 pages of just pure screaming (is it just me or are the flamewars allowed to go on longer than they used to be? Maybe the mods are getting soft in their old age …:p…)

There is a time line for everything in nature, once it starts, it has to end.

I was worried when I was hearing about mars getting pummeled by an asteroid.The shrapnel from that would probably end up pepering us, and if mars was knocked even slightly out of orbit might effect the entire solar system.

I am not bothered about Global warming too much, I think mankind will kill itself before that ever comes into effect.We have too many greedy narcissistic religious zealots with too many weapons. It is only a matter of time until some self appointed “chosen ones” do some sort of genocide on normal people.
Then the human gene pool will be reduced to a puddle, and mankind will suffer from retardation from inbreeding. They will destroy all the science books and re-write all the history books so they will not be able to make medicine or for see cataclysms that are coming their way . After that it is only a matter of time until some sort of virus attacks them and finally snuffs out the human race.

Then the planet will heal itself, and the next creatures will evolve to take our place, and the planet will be beautiful again.

I lied, its 7:57

Ever seen The Substitute IV? :stuck_out_tongue: 'Cause thats pretty much the plotline…

TheAnimal: Uh, dude… I hope you meant the thursday after next thursday… because if you didn’t you’re wrong…

Ok, if it comes I’ll call a friend in Australia so I can escape to the moon. So when it happens I’ll get a couple of hours time to escape to the moon, because of the timezone difference.

Makes an enriching topic.

no I never saw substitute… I was inspired by an old Neil Young song “War of man”.
Here is a legal video from public broadcasting :

Pretty cool lyrics , and a pretty mellow song to listen to.

i will invite everyone on BAF over to my house for a bean and brocoli eating contest, and everyone will come. after the conest everyone will fart at the exact same time and the earth will be pushed out of orbit and the gas will kill all biological life and burn a hole in the ozone layer as big as micheal moore’s butt and we wiLL ALL DIEEEEE!
this happens on march 24 2008:)

doomsday will never come. because it’s always night somewhere.


It doesn’t have to wipe out all life in order to be a problem.

The VAST majority of climatologists agree that Global Warming IS NOT a problem.

This thread would make interesting reading in about 1000 years time!


I suppose if we were to be hit by an asteroid, Apophis would be a really kickass name for it.

Personally I’m not sure if it will be a dooms"day" as far as us humans and weird dragon thing go. More than likely it will be our own doing, but I think it will happen over a period of time. For example it could kick into high gear later this year if we have another 9/11 scale attack on the US, allowing Bush to put the “National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive” into effect, essentially giving him dictatorial power over the USA. As one of the most technologically advanced nations, with arguably the most powerful military, and having a very dim population as far as intelligence goes, I’m sure one can guess how it can be very dangerous to have that happen.

Sorry for the horribly written post, it was just a bunch of ideas i wanted to get down basically :smiley:

Wait! I have an idea! Let’s make a thread called “Time Capsule” and we all post a message to someone who will read this in 1000 years time. That person will be probably using Blender version 1000. In this thread we all have to make a prediction too.