Doomsday Zone

I initially thought of posting this in the “Focused Critique” board, but because this is still in the work in progress stage, I figured this would fit it better.

I’ve been working on a series of 3D sonic-related wallpapers. I keep a list of requests from others and ideas of mine, and I’ve been working on the next item on this list for a while now - that is, Doomsday Zone. To try and combat the other magnificent Doomsday Zone wallpapers, I wanted to go for something epic, but within my abilities. Having Robotnik’s mech exploding while Super Sonic flies away with the master emerald has already been done before, and I wanted something with at least a little originality.

That in mind, I went with the next best thing I could think of: super sonic blasting through an asteroid on his way to Robotnik and the master emerald. Here is my current progress.

Also, for those curious, here’s the Finished Mech and Earth (With Sonic), as those are already complete - the earth is a material I found online with changes to the textures to make it high-res.

Now then, what’s the point of this thread …? I’m looking for suggestions for the actual asteroid “explosion” itself. What could I do to make super sonic “exploding” through the asteroid look more realistic? I have a jagged hole in the middle where super sonic has blasted through, and the asteroid itself has been split into 4 sections (3 large cracks/cuts) - Obviously there would be no actual explosion, but I want it to look more interesting than that.

Other than that, suggestions towards other parts of this scene are also welcome - while I by no means intend to rush art, this is taking me a fair bit longer than my other wallpapers so far, although the mech is mostly the culprit of that. I probably waste too much time thinking about it though, lol.

Thanks for reading, I hope someone can offer a bit of advice. Reference photos are awesome, too =P

I like the texturing on the rock. I suppose it’s really to early to make any good crits, but sonic looks more like he’s stuck in a glass tube. is that something you plan on fixing? also. How did you do the texturing on the Asteroid? Im sure it nodes right? (im a beginner :/)

The only part of his aura whatsit that will be visible is what you see in the asteroid render - I also plan to elongate it a bit more to make the part the textures affect properly more visible than the “tubular” section. I’m not great with particles; if I knew how, I’d use the “covered in fire” look that Sonic Team tends to use.

Unless of course you were actually referring to the asteroid render itself, in which case, I don’t believe I have the skills to make it look much better than it does.

Your skill level isn’t probably far off from my own. To texture the asteroid, I kind of cheated; I started by just making it brown, adding a marble texture (NoiseSize 0.104 NoiseDepth 6 Turbulence 9.06) as a bump map (Nor 0.50), but then I added 2 image textures using 2 different images I found on the internet that are both set to affect the color and normal. It would take a while to find the images again, but I can save the material and upload it if you want.

I was messing around in 2.5a for a while, and I actually managed to make it look a bit better. It still needs work, but it’s an improvement.

I’ll see if I can improve this any more than this. If not, well, it is what it is, although I’m still welcoming suggestions for any part of this. I’ll experiment with smoke a bit for the explosion-esque bit, see if I can get something good started.

Between schoolwork and a 3D project I’m helping someone out with, I haven’t had much time to work on this. Nevertheless, I made a little progress.

Not much difference, really, but I’ve spent time experimenting with smoke/dust (all of which looked horrible) and vector blurring (which looks lovely). As well, I applied some post processing touch ups here and there to improve the current (and future, really) look of super sonic and his aura thing.

I’m still not completely sure what else this asteroid needs to make the “explosion” look better. I’ll try adding more cracks and broken chunks, as that’s probably what would realistically happen, rather than simply 3 large chunks breaking apart.

Argh, no posts, eh?

Someone, on another forum (Sonic Retro), suggested I add cone-shaped dust coming from either end of the collision, similar to this example he rendered for me. I’m going to try something to that effect, as well as smaller chunks broken from the large ones, and cracks throughout the large chunks.

It’s been forever since I worked on this.

The flames around Sonic are awesome. How’d you do them?

the right side of this image seems to work really well! except for some ragged mirror effects on the lower torso, but they don’t seem to draw much attention.

the left side with sonic and the asteroid does bother me, is that motion blur on the rock? Are the bits of rock floating around supposed to have been emitted by sonic slamming through it? Those are the objects that deserve the highest motion blur. Less motion blur closer to the impact. Work more on the yellow flame thing if you can. Are both effects post production?

look at some images of asteroids / space rock, consider re-texturing adding extra surface geometry. The rock is big and therefore dominates a portion of our visual field. In it’s current form it pulls an otherwise superb image down a few notches.
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It’s a mix between a vector blur and a post effect I created in Gimp being overlayed via the Compositor. I remember working for days on his trail/aura, trying to get it to look right; I tried modelling a tube and using various effects on it, but it looked dumb and amateurish regardless of what I tried. I tried using particles, but hah, I suck at particles.

I like mah brown asteroids D:

I hadn’t considered it, but I’ll try adding additional surface detail to the 'sploding asteroid. It probably wouldn’t hurt, I’d just spend some time sculpting (which is usually fun), but I kind of liked the look they currently have. I’m worried that additional detail will kill it. I’ll have to try it to see, though.

All the various “shards” flying around are actually asteroids in the background. I’ll probably have to recreate them from scratch, because as of now, they look like shards lol. I’ll probably create 4 or 5 unique asteroids that all somewhat resemble what the asteroid sonic’s flying through originally looked like, which had more of a spherical look with no sharp edges, and duplicate them all over the place with various rotations.

Actually, now that I think about it, having a number of large asteroids nearby (and not just 50+ feet away) would make sense; if there was just the one asteroid around, wouldn’t sonic have just moved around it, rather than slow himself down by crashing through it? Hmm…

Thanks for the critiques/suggestions, zeffii. I’ll post a new shot as soon as I’ve both made the changes I’ve mentioned and added the Master Emerald. It’s worth noting that the Master Emerald will block the strange reflection quirk on the mech’s lower torso.

Edit: I HAVE AN IDEA AND I CALL IT DEPTH OF FIELD. I’m going to try applying DoF to the meteors to give a better perspective of the depth. :D