Door Animation WIP

Hi all! This is what I have been working on for the past month or so…(I’m a really slow worker:D)

It’s just a rough block, I have a lot of twinned poses which I will go back and fix, but this is just to get an idea of the timing.

Feedback welcome. I know about the huge gap at around frames 1230-1300, that will be fixed in next update.

Oh, right! The link: Here it is!

Wow! it looks nice! But, can it be that it is laggy? or is it just mine pc… That guy is doing his moves laggy, but the frames are just in the good speed?:S

lol no…it’s a blocking phase. It’s supposed to look like that. I set all the frame’s interpolation to “constant”, so when you play it back it only plays keyposes. When I add in-betweens later and such, it will be bezier interpolation for normal playback.