door handle

how would i go about creating this door handle?

extruding from a cube is difficult to get the correct curvature for the bends in the handle. and using a path and bevel object around that path but still could not get the correct curvature.

any other suggestions? thanks in advance

the best way, imo, would be using the spin tool. extrude the first straight part >> position the cursor at the axis of the upcoming bend >> hit spin button >> extrude to the next bend >> position the cursor >> hit spin button >> etc.
you can control various aspects in the setting, such as how far it spins, and how many segments per spin.
Another way to make such a curvature, is to start with a circle, extrude inward, then delete the unwanted portion, or section it off for later use, the extrude downward an equal ammount as the width of a section.

the main shape can be just a curve, you make that curve in 3D mode ( from the object data menu ) and maybe you can also use another curve to control the bevel shape. this is a start

I just made on the other day. The plate is a circle extruded and shaped. The handle, a curve with a circle bevel object, converted to a mesh.

thanks. the spin method worked best.

i spun the first bend and for the second bend i copied the geometry and scaled it by -1 on the y axis to flip it. then i connected the remaining geometry

i still couldnt get the correct 90° angle with the curve, however for more complex or flowing shapes the curve will be better. can you maybe explain better because i think i am missing something?

thanks for the answers :slight_smile: