Door of the Valley

Hi all,
here’s my first attempt to create a full landscape scene with a fantasy medieval style.
It’s not perfect and i may be can do some modification but it’s finished and i’m going to start a new scene :slight_smile:
The scene takes place in front of a door and two watchtowers. This door is a part of a fortress which is the entrance of the valley behind it.

CPU render, rendered in Cycle. Made with Blender, post production with Blender and Photoshop.

Edit: I made a second render of an other scene today.


I like this scene, especially the dragon in the background.

Great modelling.

The background and the gate are incredible, very good work on the materials and textures, the Dragon is also a nice touch (and for once there’s no one trying to chuck arrows at it).

The only things that seem to be dragging this image down is that the grass is currently a bit clumpy and stuff and the water doesn’t mesh in well with the shore, but most everything else looks to be quite polished.

The door is very good,
the foregrounds need to be updated,including stream and grass.



Thanks all ! I’ll fix the problems of the first image later.
Here is a second scene which is the valley quoted in the first post: