Door Problems

Well, I seem to be having some problems with a game that I am working on. The door is what I am working on at the moment. It will open when I push the appropriate button, and close. The two problems is, when I try and add in a sensor that causes it to only work when the player is near it, it won’t work, no matter where the player is. That, and when I push the button to open it, without the sensor that detects the player, it will open just fine, but then the player acts like the door is still there. I will include the appropriate files. Any other constructive criticism is appreciated. And before anybody feels the need to point it out, I know the jump and the camera are still screwy.
One more thing: The controls use WAD for movement, Space to jump, Enter to open the door, and the scroll button on the mouse to increase/decrease your speed.

Yet another thing I forgot: There are two doors there. I was experimenting with something. You can just delete one of them if it bugs you.


Walking man no weapons.blend (485 KB)

Sorry for the double-post, but I have a different, if related question. I was just wondering how you do your physics for game characters. I thought about just placing the character in a box, and giving the box normal physics, but the problem with that is that your character likes to slide around then. I ended up moving the skeleton with the motion option location, and didn’t give it any physics. This just makes it very difficult to jump and stuff, because you don’t get any mid-air jump physics.